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Various and sundry

Another tomblike day at Brennan & Clark. Not a bad thing, as I am Tired Val. Got a good night's sleep last night, but had one of my occasional bouts of insomnia the night before (v. annoying, as I actually went to bed at a quite respectable hour), and I think I'm still a bit behind from that.

I still keep having the knee-jerk reaction of feeling guilty when someone walks by or pops into my office and I'm doing non-work things. Despite the fact that I keep running out of work things, even though I'm doing what was approximately two and a quarter people's jobs two months ago. And it's not like they were incompetent. I'm not the only person I know who is, for want of a better term, hypercompetent/hyperefficient. :: waves at various folks on friends list :: But I always seem to manage to be the only one in my particular workplace.

Taking a pile of stuff and making it make sense, and getting it to the appropriate people in the form of reports or letters or whatever is needed, is something that comes easily to me. I do it in what is apparently an unusually short time. This is nothing new; it's pretty much the story of my working life. I consider myself very lucky to have such a handy alternative to the stereotypical actor's crap day job. I don't expect a lot of recognition for it, simply because it does come easily. Not that I mind praise from managers, either to me personally or, say, talking about me when introducing me to new employees. I just have to wonder if they're aware of the vaguely nervous vibe they're giving off when they do it.

I guess I should be used to people not knowing what to make of me by now. I just don't get what the big deal is.

In the spirit of that, mind you, I'm using the bulk of my downtime (not wasting ALL of it on email and LJ, or even on sneaking in writing time) to compose a nice clear procedural manual for everything I do here. If and when I have an opportunity that allows me to ditch the day job, I know that vague nervousness is going to turn to full-blown panic. It's happened before. It ain't pretty. I gave BalletMet a full two months notice, wrote over 100 pages of documentation, helped them find a replacement, and trained him for two weeks. Then I went to see the next production, and the artistic director walked up to me and said "Come back! The development department is five months behind!" – "David, I've only been gone a month." – "I know!"

Lesson learned: Never, ever be the only person in the building who knows how to do stuff. Failing that, leave excruciatingly clear instructions. So, I'm in the process of the latter. I figure even if I never get to run away and become a Big Star!, hopefully I'll be able to take the occasional vacation without having to worry. ;-)

Speaking of stardom, auditions the last couple evenings went pretty well. Monday's was at Corn Productions, which I didn't register until I got there as the name of the place I had read about even before I moved to Chi. They're getting a reputation as sort of an upstart heir to Second City. I don't know that I necessarily would have been intimidated by that had I had time to think about it, but I'm just as glad I didn't. Monologue went okay, improv went better, and they seemed to like my ideas. Along with reputation comes big turnout, of course, so I have no idea about my chances. But at this stage of the game, it's almost as much about getting to know the groups out there, and getting my face in front of them, as it as about actually getting cast in any of the specific shows.

Last night was a group using a space at Northwestern, for a translation of a French play called The Enchanted. The bits of it I read/heard were pretty cool, and the director has some interesting ideas, which I'll get more into if I happen to get cast. Again, really no idea about my chances. You can never really tell, especially if it's something with appointments so you don’t see everyone they're choosing from. Which is better in a way – less temptation to second guess.

Both are supposed to call by tomorrow night if they want me; if I don't hear, I'm to presume they don't. More the usual case than what happened with 1776. Meanwhile, out to Elgin tomorrow night for The King & I, for which they'll hopefully get enough people. :: shakes head ::

Have set myself a writing goal tonight, since it's the first non-audition evening this week. Also evening with extra munchkin :: waves to mtgat in hospital with extra munchkin's new baby brother:: and amilyn committed elsewhere, so writing will happen around providing backup to Amy-Husband so his head doesn't explode. I am determined not to be running frantically up against this deadline like I did with the last two. At least I won't be moving this time.



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Nov. 20th, 2003 03:26 am (UTC)
well, fingers crossed on the calls coming in and being good news re auditions. King and I? Great fun!

as for Lesson learned: Never, ever be the only person in the building who knows how to do stuff. Failing that, leave excruciatingly clear instructions. So, I'm in the process of the latter.

I've so very much been there and you know I found that despite the clearest POSSIBLE instructions (honestly, I made a point of including screenshots and diagrams and stuck for the most part to words of one syllable), I was still fielding phone calls. I beagn to wonder if they were willfully not catching on.
Nov. 20th, 2003 03:27 am (UTC)
I beagn to wonder if they were willfully not catching on.

You really have to wonder sometimes, don't you? :: shakes head ??
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