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It lives!

Things I have done lately (in no particular order):

  • Put together a satisfactory Rey costume for C2E2

  • Decided which tweaks I want to make to said costume

  • Costumed this production of The Arabian Nights primarily from thrift stores (the pics currently on the site are what I threw together for photo call, not the final costumes)

  • Continued to obsess over Star Wars, including a full background-to-costume-work marathon rewatch (or semi-rewatch: I only watched it spottily when it was on) of The Clone Wars, because all-grown-up Ahsoka on Rebels is sadder and wiser and awesome and made me want to revisit the Tiny Orange Sass Machine. (My gut-level response eight years ago of "Anakin with a padawan? Who thought THAT was a good idea?" remains accurate. However, I'm impressed anew by how the writers managed to keep it entirely believable that he was going to come apart at the seams in the relatively near future without making me go "OH MY GOD GET THAT CHILD OUT OF THERE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??" At least no more so than any of the other Way Too Young padawans in that war.)

  • Pursuant to the above, finally purchased a grownup toy of the lightsaber variety. To wit, the Ultrasabers Graflex CE, which is to say their version of what brainiacfive has very sensibly dubbed "the legacy saber" (which I would love to see become common usage because it's way more efficient than having to explain that it's Anakin's second, or Luke's first, or no doubt eventually Rey's first). It is shiny and pretty and makes nifty noises and came with a free shoto because I bought it during their spring promotion. There will be video sometime soon.

Things I have not done lately (in no particular order):

  • Kept up with LJ (or any other social media, but LJ is the one I usually try to actually keep up with)

  • Maintained audiobook production momentum

  • Made new YouTube content

  • Housework of virtually any kind

Now that the show is safely dressed and opened, hopefully that will change.

And I think that's all the news that's fit to print. :-)


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