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So, that happened

Me not logging into LJ for over 2 months, that is.

Mostly this was the fault of The Laramie Project, about which I apologize profusely for not posting here for the benefit of those who might be (a) local, (b) interested, and (c) not following my pro blog, Twitter, or Facebook. If all those apply to anyone, I feel really bad and I'm sorry? On account of it's done now. It was pretty much my life for... basically all of those two months, and I'll probably be unpacking the experience a bit more over on my pro blog at some point, though it may be closer to when we do the proposed staged reading of TLP: Ten Years Later, assuming that happens.

I'll probably be online in general even less now, on account of Coreen-the-netbook runs XP and is therefore no longer getting security updates, so I've disabled the wifi and made her a dedicated audio recording station.

This means to do things with actual keyboard, I need to go up to the home office, which is in the attic, and any living-room surfing will happen on phone/tablet. LJ kinda calls for actual keyboard -- for posting, if not necessarily for commenting, though the latter can't get into much depth either without it -- so... well, I'm not sure I could be on it less than I have been lately, so.

I will be installing the LJ app on my tablet so I can at least read, though, so hopefully I'll keep up on that a bit better in future. Hope springs eternal. Hey, look, spring! %-}

(Please excuse the scatteredness; in the middle of upgrading someone's site to new version of Joomla so it can actually work again. Speaking of obsolete versions of things that are no longer secure. Stupid hackers anyway.)


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