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Hey, who's she?

... would be a reasonable question, considering how little I post here anymore. A while back I was blaming it on "busy," but lately it's probably more honest to say "short attention span." Which is why I can manage to do things like Wombat Friday (it makes sense, honest) regularly, and dip into small-bite social media a couple times a day, but that's about it.

And actually, I should say "short attention span for being online," because I've been doing a LOT of thrift shopping lately, which is not something you can do glancingly and have any success at it. I've also made some actual serious headway on Unvarnished. How much headway, I'm not certain, because the way I finally managed to get momentum going was to switch to longhand, which means I can't be any more precise than "I dunno, maybe 80 pages of spiral notebook? With an indeterminate amount of scratching out and arrows and such." I feel like I'm something like 3/4 of the way through the draft in terms of how much story it's telling, but it's not entirely chronological/linear, so that can also only be approximated. I'm just going to keep scribbling until I get to what I've had in my head for aaaaages as the final bit, and then type it in, and then start editing. A lot, I'm sure.

TV continues to happen, and I continue to enjoy a lot of it while not being driven to much meta. I did have fun being on the Sleepy Hollow panel at Chicago TARDIS (which also presented the opportunity to wear the clockdroid dress as just a dress for a change), and Andy asked me to co-host when he brought Being Human Cast out of mothballs for a discussion of S5 and of S1 of the SyFy version. Monday nights just got insanely crowded, with SH and Castle joined by the return of Lost Girl, Being Human (US), AND Archer. (Also the advent of Bitten, which would have grabbed me more had it arrived in a leaner period, but as it is, will probably not make the cut.)

I'm... kind of boring lately? But still reading, or at least skimming, the flist. Some of you have exciting things going on, to which I say YAY! Some of you have a lot of crap flying at you, to which I say BOO! and wish I could help.

And that's pretty much it.


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