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The 80s called. They can't have my teenage obsessions back.

Because my brainiacfive is smart and thoughtful and stuff, I spent this weekend at Days of the Dead with a VIP pass, which panned out not quite as advantageous as one might be led to believe, but which was still mighty nice for the purpose of fairly extensive chatting with some lovely people whose characters have lived firmly in my head since I was fifteen.

Primarily, of course, the entire surviving principal cast of Fright Night, but also Amanda Wyss, who was of course there as part of the sisterhood of Nightmare on Elm Street (along with Heather Langenkamp and Tuesday Knight, both of whom I was also happy to see for that reason), but who actually made an indelible impression on me in a guest-star role on the ill-fated 1985 series Otherworld. I figured she probably doesn't get that very often. I did not expect her to burst into tears, give me a huge hug, and say I'd made her day by quoting the "This is my soul. Show me yours." line that has stuck so crystal-clear in my head all these years. So, yeah, that happened, and was immensely immensely cool.

The Fright Night folks... I have a bad habit of promising proper con reports and never delivering, but this time I swear I'll do it in the next couple days, because I couldn't have asked for a better panel (short of pulling Tom Holland away from his new TV show or summoning Roddy McDowall from beyond the grave), and not least because I got to babble at Amanda Bearse about how I so often see Amy written off as a damsel in distress, and as someone who strongly identified with her as a teenager, I could go on for half an hour about why I take umbrage at that. (Spoiler alert: I did not, in fact, go on about it for half an hour.) And she's very bouncy and animated (even straight off a red-eye flight) in a way that makes me not embarrassed by my bouncy animated squeeful con-mode self. And yeah, since there's a lot of that in Amy, big shock that I identified with her, though that's not all of it. And I don't want to be up until midnight writing a post about it, so it'll be another day or two.

But. ZOMG MY MOVIE MY CAST MY SQUEEEE IT CANNOT BE CONTAINED. And all of them are nice and friendly and genuinely love the movie and its place in their lives, and just YAY.
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