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The Net is dark and full of shoes

But none of them are the ones I want, which are out of stock at that link and every other one I've been able to locate. (And believe me, I'm good at this.) They seem to have discontinued the design in favor of the 3 1/2" stiletto version, which is not terribly surprising (given the current state of the commercial costume industry, which I want to refuse to call "Slutoween" on general principle, but unfortunately there's not a less problematic term in circulation), but still annoying.

The profile is a little low and the heel is not exactly the right shape, but they're more than acceptably close to the actual Melisandre shoes, which matters because the dress is only ankle length (on Carice Van Houten on screen, not just on the display mannequin), so they're clearly visible.

In the video, you can see that the shoes come up to a peak in back as well. So the "Salem" is a better match than I honestly expected to find. Luckily, it is still readily available in black, so plan B is to get a pair of those and go to town on them with Nu-Life. (Thank you, League of Heroes!)

However, since I have my work cut out for me with that necklace and belt, I'd just as soon skip the painting if I can. So, if you're in a costumey shopping place, keep your eyes peeled for me?

After polling several knowledgable people, I have a few potential approaches to the necklace in mind, which I'll be testing in small scale (as in, a few trial links) before making a final decision. Yay challenge!

My one head start on this one is that I already have the right wig, because I grabbed it on un-pass-up-able clearance sale on Cosplay.com a few months back.

And awaaaaaaayyyy we go!


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