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...because catching up is a lost cause. Usually this means I've been hellaciously busy, but that actually stopped being the case a couple weeks ago, and I'm still not in a mode of generating words. And when I do, I feel like they should be on Unvarnished, but that hasn't happened much either. (Why Val Is Not A Writer Even Though She Writes Sometimes, chapter eleventy-three.)

I have been skimming posts and goofing off on Twitter, but mostly knitting and thrifting and, this week, blowing my nose a ridiculous amount. (April cold, right on schedule.)

As I've observed in the past, my fannish brainspace tends to get subsumed by actory things, and at the moment I'm submitting on a lot of things, auditioning for a few, looking forward to a couple I already have, and beginning to strategize forays into the L.A. market. Mostly that's happening in my head right now, and is in a very nebulous stage, but it will probably eventually be chronicled on the blog meant for such things.

I gave up pretty early on the concept of posting any meta about Being Human S4, and have now pretty much given up on the overview post I was going to write. I ended up quite enjoying the season, and felt like I had stuff to say at the time of each episode, but just didn't have the drive to put it into words? And now I sort of don't feel like I have a lot to say. I could make some comments that would be considered non-spoilery, except I think there are still a few people who haven't seen all of S3, let alone any of S4, so I'll confine myself to the observation that I'll still be watching next season, but as of now will probably wait for it to be at my convenience on BBC America instead of resorting to *ahem* other methods. (And do please consider the preceding as a request not to spoil in comments on this post, though I'd be happy to discuss via email or whatever.)

Meanwhile, to my surprise, BHUS became markedly more engaging in its second, entirely independent season. For me personally, that's probably partly because the preponderance of storylines were driven by female characters, both familiar and new. I was struck in the season opener by Sally and Nora passing the Bechdel test while still having to rely on the guys to interpret because Nora could not see or hear Sally. Now that both seasons are done, I do think I still have a post in me on the different paths the two shows have taken, and some interesting things rattling around my head as a result of following both. Hopefully that will materialize at some point, though I'm not sure who'll read it or care, since most people seem to follow only one or the other.

Other than that, I've been giving Merlin a second chance, knowing that it wasn't really going to get any better, but having observed from various stills and such that it's really, really pretty. It makes nice background viewing for crafting or doing stuff online, and my primary entertainment as of S3 comes from Katie McGrath milking as much fun as possible out of Morgana's woefully-poorly-conceived duplicity. And, well, it's pretty.

Everything else I'm watching at the moment is in the "popcorn" engagement zone. Once Upon A Time has bursts of being really riveting, but mostly hovers in the "moderately clever" range. Castle is, well, Castle, at its best when just having fun. Smash has a big problem with the green-eyed monster in the room (I realize nobody but probably Frank can be legitimately called a grownup, but jeez), but has otherwise pretty much delivered on what I want.

Breaking In -- which I'm watching entirely because Erin Richards (Nancy from BH S3) joined the cast this year -- is sort of the sitcom version of Leverage, except that they run a security firm instead of...whatever you call what the Leverage team does, and (at least this season) most stuff happens in the office rather than on cases. I'm not a sitcom person at ALL, but I really like Erin (and love her character, Molly), and when was the last time you saw a network show retooled to add women? I wish I'd known going in that one would be subtracted a couple eps in, and that it would be the token female on the field team. Which is slightly irritating, but less so when I realized that all the plot was happening in the office. And that, while the new boss (Megan Mulally) is completely incompetent, there might be more to her than meets the eye, and that there's at least some hope that the rather put-upon Molly (who is pretty much Pepper Potts in need of a confidence boost) will pwn everyone in sight at some point. So, yeah, this is me watching a sitcom. IDEK.

Other than that... Making stuff, attempting to write stuff, acting in stuff. And more or less keeping up with all your stuff, whether or not I actually comment. :-)


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Jun. 24th, 2012 05:50 pm (UTC)
Just finished watching BH (BBC) S4 and...
No spoilers, but I'm not sure I'm in for Series 5. Mainly due to departures and all that. Feels like we got another reboot in Ep. 8 after the reboot earlier in the series.

Well, I'll just wait to see what you have to say about S5 first! :-)
Jun. 24th, 2012 09:03 pm (UTC)
Re: Just finished watching BH (BBC) S4 and...
I'll... almost be watching because it's a re-reboot? Or maybe a completion of the reboot. I'm not sure.

I wasn't at all sure I was going to until the personnel lineup was completed. I'm just curious enough about the third newbie. And I really hope my feeling that they're dialing back the scope a bit turns out to be correct.

(In somewhat-related news, I reallyreallyreally want Fast Girls to find its way Stateside posthaste.)
Jun. 25th, 2012 12:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Just finished watching BH (BBC) S4 and...
I reallyreallyreally want Fast Girls to find its way Stateside posthaste.

YesYesYes! I heard Lenora talk about it in an interview on BBC Radio. I can't wait to see it!
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