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Background and underground

Background: Worked on Shameless again on Thursday. I've never actually seen the show (we don't have Showtime, it's not turned up on Netflix yet, and it's not been a high priority to *ahem* despite now having worked on it twice), but interesting things appear to be happning on the Gallagher doorstep. (They shoot location scenes in Chicago and studio in L.A., so the doorstep is pretty much what one sees when working on it here.) It was absurdly cold outside -- I kept having to shake snow off my hair between takes for a while there -- but layers and heat packs are wonderful things. As are days when there are only seven extras, so we have access to craft services. Also, for the record, Emmy Rossum is in fact really that absurdly beautiful.

Underground: Where I spent most of today, i.e. my sewing room, which is in the basement. When Alex Kingston was still coming to Chicago TARDIS, I was thinking about making River's Victorian skating dress from "A Good Man Goes to War" and putting Idris off until later, but when she cancelled, I decided to leave it up to what fabric I could find. The stripe for the River costume proved highly elusive, so Idris it is. So far she has an orange petticoat and a 90% finished bodice. Like everyone I've seen who's done the costume, I've had to find a substitute for the very distinctive brocade they used for her bodice. Ended up going with an iridescent taffeta that has a swirly embroidered vine pattern which suggests sort of the same shape as the original brocade, and I'm pleased with how it looks. Getting started on it later than I'd prefer, but (unless something goes terribly awry) I don't expect to spend all of Thanksgiving Day sewing like I did with the clockdroid (when I had finished everything else, but made nearly the entire robe &eagrave; la française from scratch in that one day). Should be able to finish before next weekend is out, I think.


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Nov. 13th, 2011 09:27 am (UTC)
We'll need photos of your costume, you know.

No snow here yet, though a friend reported seeing snowflakes a bit north of here last week. I just prepaid a snow removal service, which I'm hoping will prevent snow.
Nov. 13th, 2011 10:39 am (UTC)
Don't worry, there'll be plenty of pictures! :-)

There wasn't much snow, and it didn't stick. Just enough to be annoying. Especially because was those hard little grainy things somewhere between snow and tiny tiny hail.
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