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Was great fun, of course. Life was made more interesting by Chicago Comicon (which brainiacfive attended) being not just the same weekend, but only a mile or so (one L stop, also one freeway exit) away. So there was carpooling, and then Brainy met up with us for the traditional Sunday post-con feast at House of Meat, which was fun. (a/k/a Outback, for those unfamiliar with VVC tradition regarding nomenclature of the on-site restaurant option.)

Last year I had grand ambitions of doing detailed review posts, which the astute among you will have observed never actually materialized. So I'm going to do a rather short and superficial rec list, and call it a con. The vividcon comm will have playlists for the various vidshows, with links to the vids as available, at some point after the con staff have had something resembling sleep.

Vids What I Especially Liked (not all premiering, but all new to me)
  • "Bachelorette" (Bjork) by obsessive24. BtVS. My takeaway: The Slayer is Everygirl, and every girl -- literally or figuratively -- is the Slayer.
  • A Study in Time ("Cracking the Code" by Posthaste Music) by Di. Absolutely brilliant constructed-reality crossover of Sherlock and Doctor Who that looks for all the world like a real BBC trailer. I need to watch it again to make sure (and double-check with the always handy-to-have-around thanatos_kalos) that I'm correct in thinking she took full advantage of the multipurposing of certain locations in Cardiff.
  • "The River Flows in You" (Yiruma) by jspencer1986. Fingersmith. The vidder's summary is "It's sweet. It's fluffy. It's pretty girls falling in love." I saw that in the program and went "Mrrrr?" I would go with: "It's beautiful. It's heartbreaking. It will make you want to go out RIGHT NOW and find this amazing-looking early-Victorian movie you've never heard of." (Unless you've heard of it, of course. But I hadn't.)
  • "I Should Know" (Dirty Vegas) by sabaceanbabe. Not just included because she's cool and it was awesome to finally meet her in person. ;-) It's been a long time since I missed Farscape. This vid made me miss Farscape.
  • "You Told the Drunks I Knew Karate" (Zoey Van Goey) by settiai. Doctor Who. I thought I couldn't possibly love Rory and Amy any more. I was wrong.
  • Lost Girl: Character Primer ("So Damn Hot" by OK Go) by hellpenguin. I haven't seen a straight-up recruiter vid in ages, and I lovelovelove that she did this one for Lost Girl. It really captures the show, which means it made me squee repeatedly, and laugh muchly at the intermittent voiceover Kenzi-isms. And from the post-show chatter, I'm thinking she succeeding in the recruiting of quite a few potential viewers.
  • "House By the Sea" (Iron & Wine) by jarrow. Spartacus: Blood and Sand. If Starz had sold me this, I would have watched more than the pilot. I'm in awe that anything this elegant could be made from that show.
  • "Thistle and Weeds" (Mumford & Sons) by sisabet. Game of Thrones. This is Danaerys Targaryen. Whatever you think she is, at any given time, you'll probably turn out to be wrong.
  • "I Swear" (All4One) by dualbunny, trelkez, and sweetestdrain. You think they have hit the pinnacle of Smallville badfic crack. Then they go there. Then they go THERE. Then 130+ intelligent adults in a hotel meeting room dissolve into tears of hysterical laughter and are unable to pull themselves together for a good five minutes after the vid is over.

I didn't include any Apocalypse West contributions in the above, because it would feel weird, even though I think they're all awesome. The West Coast contingent have begun to recover from the trip home, and jetpack_monkey has posted one of his, with more to follow. diannelamerc and lizbetann are... home alive. :-) Check back with them later.



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Aug. 16th, 2011 04:25 am (UTC)
I'll keep checking back. Wish I would have been there. Looking foward to any VVC links you can provide.
Aug. 16th, 2011 12:47 pm (UTC)
Once they start posting playlists on the comm, they'll have links to whatever vids are available online.
Aug. 17th, 2011 05:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the rec! :D And it was great to finally meet you in person. *twirls you*
Aug. 17th, 2011 06:15 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! :: is twirled ::
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