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Theatre! *happy sigh*

Met swirling_poetry at her very nifty new apartment last evening. This was cool in and of itself, as I hadn't seen her in about 2 1/2 years. *bounce* And then, Andieness + shiny new play = happy Val. :-) After a slight kerfuffle involving figuring out where the frell to park around there (and belatedly recalling WHY I prefer to take the train if going to that part of Chicago) and an apparent conspiracy by the CTA (veeeeeerrrrrry slow Red Line train followed by AWOL Belmont bus -- we ended up grabbing the second cab to drive up and wait for someone from the knot of pissy people on the corner to give up waiting), we arrived just as the show was starting.

People in Chicagoland? Go see The House Theatre's Death and Harry Houdini at the Viaduct. Next weekend, 'cause it's their last. Very talented, dizzyingly energetic bunch of people in their mid-20s. New work that is innovative and a little out there without being inacessible, as so much new work can be. It took a little while to get into the rhythm of the thing, and not all the transitions between media -- overlapping use of shadow puppets, film, live music, and jumping from verse to prose and back again -- were as smooth as they could have been, but plenty more are just flat-out brilliant. I'm not sure whether the first 20 minutes were a little too ping-pongy in style and tone and funky anachronisms and then it settled down, or if I just got used to it after that. Definitely a great mix of comedy and heavy emotion, and mostly really honest, direct work from the actors. The script has some really nice threads tying all the craziness together, so it definitely feels finished by the end of the evening. Title role (second name in the title, that is, Death being also a very personified presence, and one of the more mind-boggling bits of visual genius) played by crazy man who actually lets them hoist him up to the ceiling upside down and dunk him into a locked tank of water head-first. Even more impressive, this big ol' set piece stunt gets woven into the narrative in a way that makes perfect sense -- you get the impact of the escape without getting jolted out of the story.

Andie was quite bowled over by a show they did last year called The Terrible Tragedy of Peter Pan, and we're both now thinking that checking out their whole season is going to be a must.

Of course, this has also made me want to run out and start auditioning Right Now!, which I can't do this week on account of needing to get System Lords stuff written. After deadline next Monday? Time to start a-plungin'.

Nice weekend overall, with get-together with amilyn, taraljc, bentleywg, eviloverlord and a few others on Saturday. Extra bonus there in Amy coming up with a Plan for (a) how to get my stuff to their house, and (b) how to get me to work while Satine is in the shop getting her derrière bent back into shape. All these things give me a happy. :-)


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