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Apropos of my previous post, but separate from it for the convenience of anyone not wanting to be spoiled on the most recent True Blood ep:

The subject line is pretty much the categories into which my investment in a given show/movie/book/whatever falls. (Mostly show, though. I'm a TV kid, and am comfortable with that.) They're fairly self-explanatory: "Popcorn" shows are fun, and I'll watch them if they're on when I'm around, but there's not much intellectual or emotional engagement for me. You might not even know I'm watching them, because I never post about them here.

Then there's the "squee" category, which (a) I'll make an effort not to miss, and (b) you probably know I'm watching, because I'll occasionally post something breathtakingly articulate like "ZOMG YOU GUYS I HEART THESE PEOPLE SO MUCH!!" This is most of my TV watching at any given time.

Now that I think about it, the "thinky" category needs to be split into two, or maybe just have an acknowledged overlap with "creative engagement." Because there are shows that I make sure to catch, and am thinky about while I'm watching them (f'rinstance, as mentioned in the previous post about True Blood), but I don't really think about them when they're not in front of me, and I don't have the urge to jump on LJ and post acres of meta.

When I do that -- which is the point at which I will say I'm actually fannish about a show -- it edges into the "creative engagement" category, but I don't class something there on a full-fledged basis until I get the urge (which may or may not end up getting satisfied, but usually there's an attempt) to write fic or make vids for it. And that's what I'll refer to as a "primary fandom" of the moment. (This applies to costuming to some extent, but it's not always for a primary fandom. I have to at least like the source, but it's more about "Oooh, I like that! And could carry it off! Let's make it!)

The $64,000.00 question, of course, is what causes a show to slot into whichever of the above categories it does?

I've given this a fair amount of thought, and I have no earthly clue.

Oh, I have an inkling of the patterns of what my brain and heart choose to latch onto, but by no means is it guaranteed that something that seems to have all the same ingredients will seize me the same way. Case in point: Everyone and her sister pointed me at Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan for years, because she's a synthesis of a whole bunch of things you would put into a character if you were ordering her from a custom catalog especially for me. And I read the books and went, "Yeah, she's cool," and got on with my life. I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

I don't have any particular need to understand the inner workings of my fictional preferences, mind you, but it does make me curious. And so I think. And babble at you about it. :-)


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