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Sarcasm is a virus

Every Justice League member catches it eventually. Or so my subconscious appears to have decided.

During brainiacfive's marathon last weekend, I commented regarding some snarky comment of Superman's that he'd been hanging around with the rest of the team too much. Apparently my brain thinks the same is true of J'onn, given that I woke up from the following:

J'onn: [VO] You're telling me that [insert convoluted description of apocalyptic Rube Goldberg plot device that makes absolutely no sense but does involve a very pretty Art-Nouveau-looking anthropomorphic cosmic being "hanging over the sun," which I think actually started out in the dream as a blog post I was reading and sort of morphed into J'onn talking on the TV, but I don't really remember any details except for the one image].

Flash: Well, on the bright side, we won't be here when the bad guys come after us.

J'onn: Because we will already be dead.

Flash: I try to look for the silver lining in everything.

J'onn: That's not a lining. It's a pocket square.

None of this makes much sense as JLU dialogue, but I really must use that line for something sometime. Though, as clear as it is in my head, I should probably first check that I haven't already heard it somewhere.

Tangentially, I also woke up to the sound of cats fighting under my window. *eyeroll* Let us note at this point that no cat has lived in this house for nearly three years, but the neighborhood ones love to hang around here. (I'm sure a couple are strays, but there's no way to confirm or to really do something about it, though I made a failed attempt last year to catch the mama who was leading around kittens that I think she had behind our garage and take her to the stray-spay clinic.)

In my not-entirely-awake state, it occurred to me to wonder whether it mightn't be a generational thing, and that maybe the strays are descendants of barn cats, since we live in a 1908 farmhouse whose farm was parceled out for the rest of the neighborhood in the 50s. The theory didn't make much sense when I was fully awake, but has also been filed away as a potentially useful idea (for purely fictional values of "useful").


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Jun. 4th, 2010 08:26 am (UTC)
Some of my best writing has been done while I've been unconscious. ;)
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