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More deleted scene goodness

This one is spoilery, one of two from 2x03 that they have up. The other one is amusing, but this one is the must-see.

Yes, in the very ep where I started capslocking at Mitchell to TALK TO YOUR FRIENDS YOU IDIOT, he might have kindasorta almost tried. I can't decide whether I wish the scene had been in the ep or not -- it's almost more wrenching to know that he came that close to breaking the habit of secrecy and put it off, possibly due to a sheer accident of timing. Whether he would have gone through with confiding in a sober George is an open question -- the "rehearsal" at the top of the scene tells us anything we might not have guessed about how hard it is for him to do so, even after all they've been through together -- but it's owie-making to think he might have, to think there might have been some mitigation of dealing entirely on his own with having been anointed Michael Corleone.

I'm curious whether it was intended to be between the threat to kill the first vampire who steps out of line and discovering that Cara has done so, or between that and carrying out her sentence. It doesn't seem likely to be earlier than the "My name is John Mitchell and I've killed more people than you've met" speech, either from context or from the scene number, but you can't really tell. They had some pretty short scenes in that ep.

In any case, there was no way he was going to get to whatever time he might have had in his head for "It can wait." If it's this hard to tell George what's going on at this point, any later point was only going to be harder as he got in more and more over his head.

On a lighter note, George pointing the remote at him as if to turn up his volume made me laugh like a loon.


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