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One more bit of thinky

...before I cave and start watching series 2. (We've now acquired through episode 6, and the last two are likely to materialize before we finish those, so.)

I made mention in the posts for Annie and George of where they stand at the close of series 1, but neglected to do so for Mitchell. Who is in a really kind of weird place.

Annie and George have each just experienced a big chunk of personal growth and triumph. Mitchell, by contrast, has just killed two women who loved him in the space of three days, each at her own insistence, for reasons he barely understands.

Oh, and in between, some asshat shoved a stake through his lung. Said asshat has now been torn to shreds, and he's bound to have mixed feelings about that due to ninety-plus years of complicated. And most of the above happened after/because he let said asshat sucker him in with a massive scam.

Mitchell's life, by all rights, should suck right now.

Only it doesn't seem to at all. He's sitting at the kitchen table, cheerfully munching cereal, because this show just couldn't close with anything other than a cozy domestic image of the three of them. That's what it's all about.

But it's not forced either. He can do that, when nobody would blame him for being a basket case, via the coping mechanism of focusing on his friends -- declaring Annie a superhero and worrying about whether George is repressing his reaction to having taken a life. Not that we didn't know he can compartmentalize like nobody's business (a mental-health necessity for any vampire who values others' lives, really, let alone one with as murderous a past as Mitchell's), but that's above and beyond.

Edit: I also wonder if he already knows about Nina. She's probably not changed enough yet for him to detect it, but he was the one pulling her back when George scratched her. It didn't draw much blood, but I can't imagine it wasn't enough for Mitchell to smell. I figure there's an even chance he didn't really register it in all the chaos, but there's also the chance that he's got that additional topic for "Thinking About My Friends Right Now Kthx" to distract him.

But I am looking for a shoe to drop there. I think his position is stable enough that he won't go completely to pieces, but there is some avoidance going on right now.

You know, I've been noting recently that the cliffhanger season finale is out of vogue (thank all the gods) -- shows are more likely to do their big cliffhangers at midseason, take a big break, then finish the season at a reasonably stable place. Not closure, not an end. The seeds of next season's arc are planted, but it's a nice pause point.

I think I'm going to start calling that sort of finale a "shoe-suspender."


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