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The People in My TeeVee (and computer)

I have meta-y thoughts bouncing around my head re: my two Friday night shows, but have yet to take the time to sit down and attempt to properly comment upon them. In lieu of that, for the moment, I link you to two yay-worthy results of other fans getting inspired.

The first is nel_ani's evocative Sanctuary vid to Poe's "Haunted," which among other things reminds me how much I... um, that's spoilery. As is the vid, up through 2x07.

The second is Not a Doll, an initiative by Dollhouse fans to educate about "the very real issues of human trafficking, poverty, oppression against women and children, the loss of self, and the negation of human rights." Whatever you think of the show -- and as much as I ended up loving it, yes, it's all kinds of problematic -- you must check out what these folks are doing.

I am, as I often say, not in the market for any new shows. However, when the episodes are nine minutes long, I can manage. The new webseries Riese came to my attention via Ben Cotton's Twitter, and the initial four eps have intrigued me enough to give it a plug here. We'll see if the substance of the plot holds up when more of the pieces come together, but the few elements we've seen thus far are promising, and the post-apocalyptic/sort-of-steampunky environment is nifty to watch. Christine Chatelain -- whom Sanctuary fans know as Clara, and BT fans as Sinéad in "Deadly Departed" -- is a more credible adventure heroine than I would have expected from what I've seen previously. (Probably more so than as the clingy witch, actually.) Even if all the fake grime in the world can't render her face convincing as that of someone who's spent any amount of time living rough.

There aren't as many Sanctuary folks involved as I initially had the impression of, but there are a few, and it's taking a very similar approach with short episodes adding up to "volumes" that approximate a traditional TV episode without being entirely bound by the format. I occasionally wonder how Sanctuary would have developed differently had it continued in that mode instead of being picked up as a regular series, and I'd love to see another interesting webseries get to play out entirely in that realm.


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