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Singing for my supper

I bolluxed the recording on "My True Love" this past Sunday, which is a shame, because it was probably the best I've ever done it. Plus the new arrangement of the restaurant has reduced the background noise a lot (although there is still the occasional "Ah, they're shaking something with ice at the bar" -- gonna see if I can find a quieter corner this week). Ah, well. I did get the other two, with the usual So Not A Professional Recording caveats...

How Could I Ever Know (1.1MB mp3)
The Simple Joys of Maidenhood (1.7MB mp3)

Program for this Sunday (August 17):

  • Annamarie Schutt (South Elgin)
    Once Upon a Dream (from Sleeping Beauty) - Lawrence

  • Valerie Meachum (Elgin)
    Moonfall (from The Mystery of Edwin Drood) - Holmes

  • Meghan Smeenge (Elgin)
    Memory (from Cats) - Webber

  • Paula Mrazek (Cary)
    Why Can't You Behave? (from Kiss Me, Kate) - Porter

  • Dave Carmona (Roselle)
    Canta pe' me - De Curtis

  • Anne Dolik (Arlington Heights)
    Dank sei Dir, Herr - Ochs

  • Laura Doherty (Roselle)
    How Could I Ever Know? (from The Secret Garden) - Simon

  • Sofia Fuentes (Chicago)
    Batti batti o bel masetto (from Don Giovanni) - Mozart

  • Victoria Narayan (Elgin)
    Without You (from My Fair Lady) - Loewe

  • Larry Brook (Elgin)
    'O sole mio! - Capua

  • Meghan Smeenge
    I Don't Know How To Love Him (from Jesus Christ Superstar) - Webber

  • Annamarie Schutt
    Tomorrow (from Annie) - Strouse

  • Dave Carmona
    Vesti la giubba (from I Pagliacci) - Leoncavallo

  • Valerie Meachum
    This Place is Mine (from Phantom) - Yeston

  • Paula Mrazek
    Habanera (from Carmen) - Bizet

  • Sofia Fuentes
    Poor Wand'ring One (from The Pirates of Penzance) - Sullivan

  • Laura Doherty
    Vanilla Ice Cream (from She Loves Me) - Bock

  • Anne Dolik
    So In Love (from Kiss Me, Kate) - Porter

  • Victoria Narayan
    Intorno all'idol mio - Cesti

  • Valerie Meachum
    How Glory Goes (from Floyd Collins) - Guettel

  • Sofia Fuentes
    Se tu ma'mi - Paristossi

  • Annamarie Schutt
    You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile (from Annie) - Strouse

  • Dave Carmona
    E lucevan le stele (from Tosca) - Puccini

  • Larry Brook & Paula Mrazek
    People will Say We're in Love (from Oklahoma!) - Rogers

I would be remiss in my shameless plugging if I didn't draw attention to two of the young singers on this week's roster. Annamarie is nine, and won the youngest division of our voice competition in the spring, but she's probably more excited about being a finalist in the Cubs "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" contest. Way. Too. Cute.

Victoria, meanwhile, is all of seventeen and already quite the artist, and was one of the singers selected from among the Opera Institute for Young Singers participants to perform on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center in July. You can even watch the performance on their website -- it's listed under July 14 at their archive.

Come on out to Villa Verone from 6-8 this Sunday to enjoy great Italian food and the voices of Elgin OPERA!


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Aug. 17th, 2008 07:35 pm (UTC)
Camelot is one of my favorite musicals, so I especially enjoyed hearing "Simple Joys of Maidenhood". It's such a deliciously witty song. (I confess: I saw the movie at a young and impressionable age, so I prefer Vanessa Redgrave's Guinevere to Julie Andrews'. Julie's seemed too proper and upright to commit adultery. Vanessa seemed both more sensuous and lacking something in her life.)
Aug. 17th, 2008 08:16 pm (UTC)
*g* I thought about leaving in my little intro speech about watching the 1982 revival on HBO so many times (pre-VCR, when HBO ran things a dozen times a month or more, and I checked the guide for every airing) that I had it memorized.

Which means I imprinted big-time on Meg Bussert, and unfortunately am left cold by Vanessa Redgrave. She's better later on, but seems much too worldly and bored to me early on. Bussert really captured the full arc of her growth.

I tend to have trouble with Vanessa Redgrave in general, though, at least in her younger days. Not exactly sure why. I had the same thing with Meryl Streep for the longest time -- just felt like I could see them working. Both started "clicking" for me when they were older.

I also have a grudge against the filmmakers for cutting Nimuë and giving "Follow Me" to a children's chorus, but ah well.

My mom loves the movie, though. As with so many things, the interpretation one encounters first seems to be indelible, no matter which one it is. :-)
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