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Still more Rosebriar quoteage

King Lear Quote List
Rosebriar Shakespeare Company, 1997

Can I have a codpiece?
-- How long?

I get it. He's too hot, he's too cold, and he's just right.
-- Congratulations, Greg. You're a temperate bowl of porridge.

It's going to be like Cordelia imagining what's happening to her father.
-- It's going to be like a flashback to 1966.

I want to do something a little different with this scene.
-- Last time you said that I wound up rolled in a carpet.

Is this a bench?
-- That's a table.
-- That's a table. Basic English skills.

This is like a Judy Tenuta thing: "Put in his legs!!!"

Does this movie come with English subtitles?

Milk-liver me again.

Oswald is a yo-yo.
-- I didn't call him Boy Toy for nothing.
-- Hours of fun for everyone!

Since that respects of fortune are his love, I shall not be his wife.
-- Oo! These grapes are sour.
-- Duelling Cordelias.

To the hunt!
-- To the nicotine!

Give Edmund a kiss before he leaves.
-- In front of you? While you're alive?

Ooooooh, ze velvet rope!

This is the censored version. Barely.

Rigor mortis sets in so quickly.

Speaking of Homer Simpson, I was thinking that this play reminds me of Itchy & Scratchy.

You want silk flowers? I got all the silk flowers you can eat.

It just sounds better. I mean, Bill had a good idea...

Can we do that?
-- Sure. I'll just use the eyes in the back of my head.

Don't go there. Burn the map. Shoot anyone who's visited.

Vanity the Puppet. That would be me.

No contraries hold more antithapy...

John, if you don't stop trilling your Rs, I quit. I cannot compete with that.

You've already been beaten to a bloody pulp. How many times do you want to get beaten to a bloody pulp tonight?

That eyeless head of thine was first flamed fresh!

All three now marry in an instant.
-- Stud to the end!

Edmund is dead.
-- *thud*

Eleven dead, and now to bed.

I'll beat the drum till it cry death to sleep!

Upstage, downstage...
-- In my lady's chamber?
-- Rampage the stage!

'Tis the foul fiend Flibbertigibbet! He does something or otherrrr...

You must be bled!
-- But first we must have your Blue Cross card.

Of course, I'm going to be dead in the second act.
-- You are? Who's going to gouge my eyes out?

Je m'appelle Le Tick!

You can do it, I've heard you. That last time we put an eel down your pants.
-- And we can do it again!
-- Will you do it to me if I don't give you what you want?

The king goes into the house and locks us all out!
-- And they all live happily ever after.

She makes you look like the good witch.
-- She gets to kill people on stage. It's not fair. She has an advantage.

Fight, fight, fight, you die.
-- How does that happen?

Lear and his daughters: the Virgin, the Vamp and the Valkyrie!

Are you all right?
-- *shrug* I was acting.

Daddy, they didn't show. Do I get it all?

It's not so much that it's "Line! Line!" It's "Word! Word!"

You're wearing that, and we're philistines?

I had to get up early this morning and go to work at 11:30.
-- My heart bleeds purple peanut butter for you.

Let's get in this position, shall we? The Kama Sutra, 42.

Where's thy vile jelly now?

It's Edgar! The foul fiend that bites my back!
-- I am not gonna go there.

I've never seen a woman move so fast across this stage.

I don't want you dead. We still have more of this scene to do, and I'm not into that stuff.

Goneril, as drawn by Dr. Seuss.

I fell on my keys.
-- Can we keep that?

Look, it's the Pope!

So do I just work my way over here, now that he's not bearing me hence?

Knowest thou this Other Paper?
-- No, I only read the Guardian.

The not-hot Duke.
-- Your husband, the frigid Duke.
-- That explains a lot.

I beseech you pardon me, milord, for blowin' me line...

She beat 'em about the sticks with her coxcomb.

I've only been your husband for ten minutes, and you're already cheatin' on me!

Kill him one more time.
-- But he doesn't want me to! He's afraid now!

It's the forfended place! Go there!

I'm a dancer. I have no personal space. In fact, I have negative personal space. Put your hand through my arm, I don't care.

He was Hamlet. Now he's Luke Skywalker, Boy Jedi.

True or false, this is not gonna work. *hop hop*

Is that our family crest?
-- Yep. 3M.

We're skipping the scene because it takes two to tango.
-- Not in Arin's case.

Edmund, the blasted son of Gloucester.

Give me caffeine or give me death!

Cindy is held up with some kind of jury thing. Lawyer stuff.
-- She's probably defense counsel on my case and we don't know it yet.

Can I have Lear and Cordelia and the thug that brings them in?
-- Why does that sound like a talk show topic?

French babe scene, Take 2. Babette Does London.

Sooner or later, you too will get to be a Power-Hungry Psycho Bitch.

I am not Napoleon Bonaparte, and I don't like Hall & Oates. If it be Men at Work, I'll do it.

In the heaviness of his sleep, we dressed him like a woman!

Let us all put on our heavy-duty bras.

What? Fifty of my followers with the clap, within a fortnight?
-- Boy, that Goneril really gets around!

Get thee to thy cold dressing room and freeze thee to death.

Anointed by Hair Goddess Kira as Braid Queen.

Oh, you brought Sour Bastards!
-- Why brand they us with sour?

Are you ladies decent?
-- Never. But we are clothed.

I sold my soul to The Mouse a while ago.
-- Well, he doesn't have one of his own.

I don't care about naked women. I want food!

Yes. If something I'm wearing is mine, it's much more likely to be weaponry than jewelry.


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Dec. 20th, 2007 11:03 pm (UTC)
Speaking of Homer Simpson, I was thinking that this play reminds me of Itchy & Scratchy.

Ha! I'm quoting this next time I teach Lear. Or Titus Andronicus, which is if anything MORE like Itchy & Scratchy.

Also, have you seen Slings & Arrows?
Dec. 20th, 2007 11:05 pm (UTC)
I think there was a specific reason that was said (aside from the obvious) but I no longer recall what it was. But yes, Titus is definitely the true fit there. *g*

And yes, much S&A love here. Let's just say I worried about Geoffrey more the more he reminded me of our artistic director. :: pats J in absentia ::
Dec. 30th, 2007 11:32 pm (UTC)
Hee! Lovin' the quoteage.
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