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And more Rosebriar quoteage

Hamlet Quote List
Rosebriar Shakespeare Company, 1995

Let me get this straight: I'm telling my 18-year-old daughter to go sleep with Tom.

We have now made everyone blush this evening.

For being deprived of the joys of heaven, blah blah blah...

Just cut out the mention of sex.
-- This play just got really short.

How do you spell dignity?

He just trashes my room and then leaves?
-- No, he trashes you and leaves.

Just what I needed, a surly Guildenstern.

It's my opinion that one can never have too many body parts.

Is that your bare bodkin? Mine's bigger.
-- Mine's more easily concealed.

Just sit there and seduce, okay?

I'll be your foil, Laertes!

I have two brain cells left, and they just had a head-on collision with each other.

Smiling, damned KLUTZ!
-- If there's one thing I do well, it's step on skirts.

They're MY psychoses! You can't have them!

Proverb: long goodbyes give your enemies a chance to aim.

I wanna lay in the grave.

Oh, God, I'm sorry.
-- Yes, you are.

We were discussing running around in circles.
-- As long as it was something important.

Fix letters. King can't read through roll.

Cudgel thy brains...I forgot to hit him.

Nerf skull.

There is nothin' like a Dane...

May flights of angels bring us to our rescue.

I'm the leather fairy. PWANNGGG!

EVERYTHING is rotten in the state of Denmark.

I prefer to keep hitting myself in the head. It feels really good when you stop.

And he, repulsed...or repulsive, as the case may be...

Use every man after his desert, and who shall scape whipping?
-- Whip me!

Wherein I'll catch the king's conscious creepers.

If you boil water in the stomach and throw some rocks in...
-- You have haggis?

Let's play strip line-through!

Look to the director there, ho!

Don't hootchy-kootchy the king.

Go not to that place.

So Ophelia, three goats, and a moose walk into this bar...

Be nice to the artistic director.
-- That's like Save the Whales, right?

Let's go make Ophie pretty! Let's go make Ophie pretty!


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