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Wayback Machine to the rescue!

Posting the Horror Academy quote list made me pine for the old Rosebriar ones, which they no longer have on the company website because they are boring old sticks-in-the-mud. Okay, no they're not. But back when I was the webmaster, I did once get an email from the person who indexed sites for Playbill.com, saying I'd made her day by having the "behind-the-scenes silliness" page.

Since they're no longer there, and since they amuse me mightily (having been there; YMMV if you weren't, although a couple of you were, or at least knew those involved), I went a-hunting on the Wayback Machine to see if they were archived there. Sure enough, they were, and I'll be posting them over the next few days for your amusement. (I will spare your friends page and not do all half-dozen of them at once.)

Much Ado About Nothing Quote List
Rosebriar Shakespeare Company, 1995

Like princes made proud by favourites...

I refuse to grow up no matter how many kissing scenes they give me.

No McDonald's!

The bridge has become the stage.

If we're good, can we have the curtains back?

Oh, my God, it's the Keystone Watch!

Kira, the Hair Goddess!

You don't understand. I was having nightmares about this show in AUGUST!

No more caffeine!

I was fine until we started with the second act first.

Much ado about COWS.


You should have seen Richard III. I was mesmerized watching little arcs of spit.

If she ran really fast, do you think the dress would catch fire?

I do not tear my hair! I paid too damn much for it!

Stop being mean to me or my cousin will get you.


I always thought W.C. Fields would be a GREAT Shakespearean actor.

What do you mean, he wore the oatmeal?

But you don't have to sing with birds this time.

Benedick CHEATS!

Borachio's Margaret. Don Pedro's Margaret. EVERY man's Margaret.

THAT's what this show is missing! There's no madam!

Goin' to the chapel and I'm...not gonna get married...

But you've always been just and virtuous in everything Borachio has known of you.
-- And he's known a LOT of me.

All right, what are you guys drinking over there?

Whatever Hero wants, Hero gets.


House is open! Kill the tunes!

I hate it when Desdemona is a floof.

Stretch me, baby!

Am I gonna hurt you? Are you gonna hurt me?

Like, what's a Capulet?
-- It's like a Kennedy.

I haven't had much caffeine.
-- Caise, you're six.

Where are the gummi things? She said I could have one! She said I could have one!

I am woman. I am mighty. I am blue. I am Beatrice, hear me rustle.

Fun with hyperventilation!

Oooh. Zima.

I got a pocketful of hot rocks!

No! No! ...Oooh...chocolate?

I am fire and something!

If I were a man, I would try to kill the President so she could be mine.

I'm not a vegetarian. I eat gummi worms.

I was prepared for anything but a mustache in the candy box.

That hurt.

No, that was photon torpedoes. This is phaser fire. And this is something blowing up.

I found a baby bear in my sleeve. So there.

Impiet purous and impietous piety.

.........................................You come hither, my lord, to marry this lady?

And she is exceeding wiiiiiiiise. (nod, nod, nod, nod, nod, nod)

No, I did that...Are you good men and...no, I did THAT...Do you serve Go--no, that's not
it either...uh...PRYTHEE!

You're not the loves of my life any more!

Fiend!... Do you like watermelon?

Wrong play.

That looks painful.

Slam the door, why don't you?
-- Sorry, already did.

It please God that it be bright flaming red.

The gummies have returned!

Fine, then. You don't get a petal from between my lips.

How proper a squire can he be if he does it with chickens?

And yes, this is me not writing, either Lizzie project or fic. And now I'm going to go take a bubblebath. So there.


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(no subject) - hopefuldancer83 - Dec. 19th, 2007 01:19 am (UTC) - Expand
Dec. 19th, 2007 02:22 am (UTC)
Noisy blue dress! It lives on. My love of that thing led to me making it a major plot point in my play. So now because of this production of Much Ado, there is a noisy blue dress in the costume shop of Marquette University. I'm comforted by this fact.
Dec. 19th, 2007 11:22 am (UTC)
You wore it at least once, right?
Dec. 19th, 2007 06:24 pm (UTC)
Yes, during the kids' R+J, as Lady Montague.
Dec. 19th, 2007 06:26 pm (UTC)
Of course! :: snaps fingers :: 'Cause, y'know, it's not like I was the fight director for that show or anything...
Dec. 19th, 2007 11:21 am (UTC)
It deserves to be! :-D I swear I heard people trying not to laugh every night when I went stomping across the stage in it during what should have been a quiet, tense moment after the Friar proposed the plan for faking Hero's death...
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