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A Year and a Day

Title of a poem by Elizabeth Siddal. Also, approximately one-tenth of the time I have wanted to write and mount a one-woman show about her. I have now outlived her by five years, though I hit the genetic lottery such that most people have difficulty believing that. Seriously, even in a bar where the policy is to card under 30? Getting carded at 37 is just plain silly. I am bound and determined to get this thing done before 2008 is out. No, really.

It finally clearly dawned on me today -- and it was one of those "well, DUH" moments -- that the last couple times I stalled out, it was while attempting to read Dante's Vita Nuova. Which is something I really need to do, because it's a necessity to deal properly with Gabriel's idolization of Dante and the occasionally slightly creepy "Lizzie = Beatrice" thing that went on in his head until well after her death. And that had WAY too much bearing on their relationship to not deal with it. (Albeit most likely in a bit of a subversive way. Because Gabriel could have done with a bit more subverting in his own time, quite frankly.)

And I've tried. I've really, really tried. And I am just a bad, unworthy Pre-Raphaelite geek.

Because my problem is that the Vita Nuova, at least in the translation I have on hand (around her somewhere, but not exactly sure where at the moment, so I can't tell you which one that is), is BORING AS LINT.

So I beseech you, O all-knowing Magic 8-Ball flist... Anybody know a good translation? Better yet, is there an edition with the Italian and a good translation side by side? Because I have the book of Veronica Franco's poetry done that way, and it rocks. My Italian is too shaky to do without the translation entirely, but I like to be able to tell what the poetry is supposed to sound like.

Those of you I know to be early-modern geeks of various stripes are mostly Brit-focussed, I know. But I figured it was worth a shot before I go hunting blindly on the intarwebs.

Pretty please?


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Dec. 18th, 2007 07:04 pm (UTC)
Did a bit of blind hunting of my own and found a "Italian with Facing English" book on Alibris. Dino S Cervigni and Edward Vasta are the translators. Dunno if that's what you're looking for, but good luck. ;)
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