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It's that time of year again

For the attorneys to fatten us up, that is. :-) Case of tangerines from Florida last week, honkin' gift crate (no, I don't mean basket, I mean crate) today from the guys we've used in NYC forever.

Including eight-inch sticks of Harry London 70% cocoa dark chocolate with orange. OMG. This thing is going to take me a week to eat; one bite overloads the taste buds for at least an hour!

We don't get to be the customer very often. This is when it's really good that we do. (NYC guys also include us in a big schmoozy lunch at some fancy downtown restaurant or other every year when they come to Chi for the CLLA convention. BigBossLady has a low schmooze tolerance, so I generally get to go. Two or three hours of mostly random chitchat, fabulous food, and I'm working. Gotta love it.)
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