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Due to uneven attrition, we no longer have Way Too Bloody Many Sopranos in the Elisir chorus. Which means, after a quick conference with Solange this afternoon, that I can stop banging my under-rehearsed brain against the mezzo line. The relief is palpable. There's that little part of me that's still all stubborn and wanting to prove that I can learn it (in defiance of a soprano stereotype I don't think I've actually heard anyone subscribe to since college), but oh, merciful heavens, my life in this opera just got So Much Easier. And really, when this is the story you're telling? Maestro can say "Opera is not about comfort" all he wants (and yes, today he did -- it was sort of a joke...), but I am nonetheless going to happily sing my comfortable normal part now!

In other Ridiculous Relief news, I am currently sitting at my computer in jeans instead of at Office of Doom's holiday party because I made the executive decision that I didn't want to drive to the darn thing in the snow AGAIN. Every. Single. Gorram. Year. I kid you not. We should warn the appropriate authorities as soon as the date is set.
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