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Designer Crack is back!

In the order that the pictures appear on the "Rate the Runway" page, 'cause it's handy. Image-heavy behind the cut.

Interesting that they skipped the "Road to the Runway" this time out, and launched straight into the first challenge. I definitely approve of it being an actual challenge with real fabric for a change, with the standard "show us who you are" mandate (à la the pre-arrival muslin project from a couple seasons back). With fifteen designers and a lot of ground to cover, obviously most of them are still ciphers at this point, but a few of them are already popping.

Jillian is...nice. So is her dress.

All I really got so far. I'd wear it, if my hair happened to be a non-clashing color at the time.

Christian. Ugh.

Ugh ugh ugh UGH ugh. Besides being the front-runner for the Insufferable Brat Award, I unqualifiedly HATE this outfit. This is one of those times where I just thought the whole judging panel was on the bad crack. (And was it my imagination, or did Heidi seem to disagree with them and be editing herself? She kept talking about it "growing on" her. Stick to your guns, sweetie, 'cause it sure as hell didn't grow on me! I hate it more every time I look at it.) Every comment they made, I just kept yelling back at the screen "But it's a HORRIBLE SHAPE." And that's not even counting the supposedly deliberate matching of the plaid in the jacket on the back seams but not the sleeves. Or the black caterpillars of whatever-that-is on the front. Or the "asymmetrical" skirt that just looks like she got it caught in her hose. (If you're going to do something like that, do it in a fabric that has some definition. Then it might actually look like it's supposed to be that way!) But mostly, it's just a HORRIBLE SHAPE. The waist is in the worst possible place (seriously, around the base of the poor woman's ribcage?), the cummerbund is the worst possible width (make it serious, or make it a narrow belt, but what the hell is that??)...just ugh.

HORRIBLE. SHAPE. And I particularly wanted to smack Michael Kors when he was going on about the silhouette, because y'know what? He puts waistlines in the exact same godawful stupid place. I was just in Macy's on State Street yesterday and confirmed for myself that he's still at it. One reason I have so little patience with some of the things he says in the judging segment is that I hate about 90% of his clothes. They should not be allowed anywhere near an actual woman. Ever.

Jack is going to be the eye of the hurricane in this bunch, heaven help him.

His dress is darling, and THAT is how you do a waistline and a cummerbund, TYVM.

Kevin has texture issues. And also waistline issues.

Hmmm... On second thought, maybe I should cut both him and Christian some slight slack on that point. Could it be that they're just not up to speed yet on how tall these girls are? Because I'd have a lot less trouble with the silver corselet thingie if it were about two inches longer and otherwise the same as it is. (Christian's suit, however, remains a HORRIBLE SHAPE regardless.) Although the silver with the fabulous black-and-deep-red isn't quite right. If you're going to do metallic with that red, it needs to be either gold or a more muted pewtery sort of silver.

Chris: OH MY GOD. I'll take three, please.

Well, except for the part where halters drive me crazy to wear. But this one might be worth it. DAYum. :: drooooooool :: So far, this is our person who seems most aware that there's an actual woman's body under there, and that it's SUPPOSED to be there. Those of you who familiar with my rather strong opinions in that regard (dear god plz clone roberto cavalli lot 'n' lots kthxbye) will probably have already guessed my reaction. :-)

Marion has concocted a big sloppy pile of WTF.

That's...really all I got. O.o

Kit intrigues me. I would wear every single one of the pieces from her audition portfolio that they showed pictures of. And I'd probably wear this, although it's not as polished.

I think I'd like it better without the opposing strong prints, and probably either more or less flare to the skirt. Kit herself concerns me slightly by being a little Too Cute.

Sam appears to have seen Blade Runner a few times. But mostly in the good way.

Carmen stunned me by not being ripped to shreds by Kors and Nina for being too costumey.

I actually quite like it, though I think the scarf at the neck needs to go, and the top underneath the gold vest is a thoroughly unfortunate color. Picture that deep red from the bottom layer of Kevin's dress (and then you'll see what I mean about how Kevin should have used a gold metallic instead of silver). That I would be all over.

Sweet P confuses me.

Don't care for the fabric choices, don't care for the shape. And yet somehow it comes off kinda cute. I'm stumped.

Ricky got shafted. This is adorable, and not nearly as unimaginative as they accused him of.

The fabric is completely not expected for a babydoll dress, and yet not outrageous. The lace trim is perfectly proportioned (as you would expect from his lingerie background). This should have celebutantes banging down his door, judges be damned.

Victorya surprised me. I don't know what I expected from her, but this wasn't it.

People have been doing the punk flapper thing for a while now, but this still feels like a fairly fresh spin on it. And I love that she had the gumption to say no, she can't raise her arms, but women will sacrifice for fashion! It certainly impressed Kors. I'm thinking we have some interesting runway defenses to look forward to from her.

Elisa. Oh, Elisa. *shakes head* Why, oh, why do they persist in putting people on this show who are Just Not Designers? This woman is a fine artist down to her crunchy-granola marrow. She's not even the same species as a designer. Exhibit A: Highfalutin concept, zero addressing of the ENGINEERING PROBLEM it presents.

Yes, dear, you should have trusted your instincts and chopped off the crap. The nanosecond you saw that it wasn't unfurling gracefully from the back of the dress the way you envisioned. Because you failed to address the ENGINEERING PROBLEM you posed yourself, to the extent that not only didn't the train work, but it pulled the otherwise breathtakingly elegant dress completely out of whack. I hope you're not that flaky about your puppets, or I pity anyone who has to operate them.

And another whacking great WTF for Simone. She seemed nice enough, but I'm not at all sorry to see her be the first to go.

Completely wrong fabric for what she had in mind. Inexcusably poorly fitted (seriously, as long as you're sewing the poor girl into the damn thing???). What she had in mind was dull, dull, dull anyway. And the jacket is from another continent entirely. Just. No.

Rami. GUH. That is all.

I personally prefer Chris' dress, but this is a well-deserved win nonetheless. And another one who seems very Zen. Interesting work process to watch. Yes, kiddies, you can be a grownup and still do this stuff! Heaven help him in the madhouse too.

A note on the models: Maybe I'm imagining things, but there seems to be a rather bothersome uniformity of type among the models this time out. They're all coming off to me right now as the same girl with different coloring. In a way, I can see making it easier on the designers by having the models all have what seem to be the same proportions, but that's a challenge I've always liked seeing them face, in spite of it resulting in things like the kerfuffle over poor Allison's recycling challenge dress. And maybe it's just that we haven't seen enough of them yet, but even in the runway show there just didn't seem to be much personality. I'm not seeing a Nazri or a...oh, what was her name that Jeffrey liked so much? Ana-something, I think? I should remember her name, because she was cool.


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Nov. 18th, 2007 10:51 pm (UTC)
Your comments might just be better than parts of the show!

As someone who knows nothing about the actual designing of things, I was shocked at all of the gushing over Christian's outfit. Seriously, WTF?

I think Elisa will provide some humor, although possibly nothing else, and I just adored Rami's dress and his seemingly grounded personality. Of course, it's only the first show, so who knows what he's really like?

As for S3, do you mean Uli? Loved her stuff. :-)
Nov. 19th, 2007 06:15 pm (UTC)
As for S3, do you mean Uli?

*confused* Do I mean Uli about what? Oh, wait, the name I couldn't remember in the last paragraph? I mean Jeffrey's favorite model. The Latina girl with the sass.
Nov. 19th, 2007 06:17 pm (UTC)
Ooohhh- I don't remember her name either.
Nov. 18th, 2007 11:49 pm (UTC)
I didn't see the show, but from your pics above, I basically agree with you. Christian's is the shape dress I see in the store and wonder why they try to sell ANYONE. And he's only made it worse with his fabric choices and usage, IMO. Maybe he's angling so that in future weeks they can be stunned by how much he's come along? *shrug*

The red from Kevin's outfit would look great with Carmen's vest. I didn't have much issue with Kevin's silver stuff, but I can see your point that a more muted metallic would work even better.

Marion's...is that a vinyl fuzzy backed tablecloth mixed with some black lace curtains, maybe?

Ricky's is very nice, and well-proportioned for that model, which should've gotten him some points. But you're right that Chris' is stunning. :-)
Nov. 19th, 2007 02:06 am (UTC)
Hmmm. There are several of these that I would not release from captivity -- "Back to the lab with you, monsters!" -- but by far the worst is Christian's. It's hard to believe it's real! It looks like a "what not to do" mock-up for the back pages of a mid-eighties magazine; the model's eyes should have a little black bar across them to hide her identity.

Runner up for crazy worst: Marion's "big sloppy pile of WTF." LOL!

I think you're right about the "silver corselet thingie if it were about two inches longer."

The only ones of these I could consider wearing myself are Sam's and Carmen's, and they don't excite me; but then none of the models are my height or shape.
Nov. 19th, 2007 09:17 am (UTC)
Sweet P's dress is a perfectly cute 70's maternity frock. My mom had a very similar outfit (it had a bit more sleeve to it, though). I bet her mom did too.

Christian's jacket has got to be the first time I've ever seen Tim Gunn say, "This looks really awful!" (the way the sleeve plaid wasn't even trying to line up) and then none of the judges appeared to even notice it.
Nov. 19th, 2007 06:28 pm (UTC)
I *love* reading your take on everything. Love love.
Nov. 19th, 2007 06:55 pm (UTC)
Mwah! {{{ hugs }}} :-D

I really needed that today. The tech gremlins have been making work im-bloody-possible...
Nov. 19th, 2007 07:00 pm (UTC)
*smites tech gremlins*
Nov. 20th, 2007 07:23 am (UTC)
Marion has concocted a big sloppy pile of WTF

LOL Sad thing is, I did look at that and think "god-awful, but I *do* like the hem of the skirt!" [probably because odd hemlines like that always intrigue me. Still haven't figured out how to do handkerchief hems myself, but what the heck]

Elisa...I was going "WTF??" with that train, and the hubby even did a double-take [when I was watching he wandered through the living room in time for the runway showing]. His comment earlier tonight was that the dress would have been amazing, if not for the stupid train. [and while I don't mind trains myself, having "train that poor model can't help but trip on" is a definite turn-off. :P]

I too, think Ricky got shafted. That dress was my fav of the show, loved the fabric, loved how he *used* the fabric, and to even have someone create a higher-waisted dress that I *like* is no small feat ['cause I really *don't* like 'em overly much. heh]. The lace was also a nice touch. ^_^

Kevin's dress....I actually liked... Can't say for sure why, guess that silver as a contrast to the rest is what did it for me. **peers** that silver stuff *is* brocade, isn't it? Anyway, the only thing I could have done without is the ruffle at the waist...it's just asking to make whoever wears it look fat...or at least fatter than they are.

you know...I did miss the audition segment....:P Those can be quite fun.
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