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Is any canvas ever truly blank?

In which we examine the question, "Which of Henry's worlds is scarier, the supernatural or Art?" ;-)

The opening caper was a hoot. Vicki? Hon? If you're going to keep getting distracted like that, maybe you should just shag him already. Might help.

Love the styling of Henry's "edgy young artist" public persona. My initial response was to laugh, but seriously, it's just the right level of pretentious, and keeps the focus exactly where he wants it: on the surface. This is not a context where he wants anyone detecting so much as a whiff of, say, the lovable dork who does bad accents for Vicki. He could be any of a hundred guys I've met in similar environments, and I wouldn't give him a second thought after exchanging pleasantries. Flawless.

Our girls, meanwhile, looked good enough to eat. I love that Vicki's dress suited her perfectly and she didn't seem the least bit uncomfortable, for all that she was bracing herself for mockery. Yay for avoiding the cliché of the tough heroine who can't pull off an LBD without getting twitchy! And Coreen was completely in her element (how much do I love the smart, sincere, pitch-perfect bit of dialogue they gave her to demonstrate that?), and I'm amazed she only had one guy hanging on her. She should have been beating them off with a stick!

I'd also love to have been a fly on the wall for the discussion that ended with Coreen tagging along on what was originally going to be a "real date." *g*

The costuming geek in me was giggling at Angus Stratham's name. The rest of me was giggling at the oh-so-suave shift in his approach to Vicki. Yeah, if you're that gung-ho about the guy's work, probably best to stay on his good side, and hitting on his muse really isn't the best way to go about that. Good call. *snerk*

Early red flag that there's something different in Henry's relationship with Maya: "Isn't she a little young for me?" Vicki's "Isn't everybody?" response doesn't quite cover the eyebrow that raises, because Maya is specifically no younger than most of the women we see him feeding on, and certainly no less worldly. It's also not the same as the kid-sister category where he's slotted Coreen. So there's a nice payoff when we get the rest of the pieces to say "Ah-ha! He still sees her as the child from fifteen years ago!"

Which is especially poignant, of course, when she comes on to him and he FREAKS OUT. I've frankly never been on board with how freely he tosses the whammy around sometimes, but this ep was really over the line for me. And in that scene in particular, he does it out of 100% grade-A panic. He might rationalize later that he's protecting her, but the girl's mind is screwed up enough without that kind of meddling, no matter what his intentions. He should know that.

Poor guy -- first Christina, now this. Cherished illusions are shattering left and right. Little wonder his judgment is questionable -- but when you wield the kind of power Henry does, you simply can't afford that.

Curious that Henry clearly thinks of her as "Maya," even though she assumed that name as an adult. I wonder if she made it up for herself back then and shared it with him? It could only contribute to his difficulty seeing past that child-persona to the damaged young woman he's really dealing with. There was so much sadness and regret there already, in knowing that her mother fled from the monster who genuinely cared for her and her daughter to a succession of human monsters who did them harm.

Oh, Coreen. {{{{ hugs }}}} Sweetie, may I recommend that the next cute boy you get involved with be one you don't meet in the context of an investigation? Like the poor kid doesn't have enough issues on that front. I so desperately wanted Tyrone to turn out okay, and just knew from the outset that he couldn't. Not. Fair. I was so proud of her for going for it, and now she's back to square one or worse. :-/ Henry better watch out, because if her flirting with him really is about his being unattainable-and-therefore-safe, it's about to go into overdrive.

And there's Vicki, stuck being the solid ground with people she cares about coming unglued on both sides. Which is, er, kinda what she was avoiding with that whole "don't get involved with people" phase she was in when we met her. I think she knows it's worth it, on balance, but right this minute? Oy.

Okay, this is the part -- after ticking through all these pieces I found intriguing and telling and fun to play with -- where I mention that I was...kinda underwhelmed by the ep as a whole. The "haunted canvas" was cool as a concept, and even the execution was initially cool, but something about how it all came together at the end just...didn't come together. The rescue felt rushed (complete waste of Tom McBeath!) and it just...felt not quite jelled. I can't put my finger on it, but I guess it underscores what a tightrope balance it really is to make all this stuff come together for the times they're really on. And this, while hardly in danger of going down in history as the "Spock's Brain" of the series or anything, was not one of those times.

Ah, well. They gave us good pieces. I'll just enjoy those, and look forward to next week.

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Nov. 23rd, 2007 06:45 pm (UTC)
OK... so apart from the evenings where I went swimming and fencing, I've lost all my evenings this week to catching up on this show.

It's great. It's got everything.

Funky characters - check [also, Christina Cox = yum.]

Fun plots - check [even when they're a bit dodgy or silly or just reusing a terribly popular plot idea]

Canada pr0n - check [even if they're only pretending to be in Toronto, they're just outside Vancouver, for me, that's still a win.]

Canadian actor spotting - check [they're working their way through all 47 actors in Vancouver, it seems.]

I have no hope of giving up watching this show. Damn! :-)

On this episode...

Crotch of bling - Oh my god! My eyes, my eyes!

Christina in a rather nice dress - Mmm...

And, yes, criminal under use of Tom McBeath.

Edited at 2007-11-23 09:45 pm (UTC)
Nov. 23rd, 2007 09:37 pm (UTC)
YES!!! Another one hooked! :-D

:: dances the Dance of the Happy Pusher Fangirl ::


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