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Oh, bloody hell.

Every year since I moved here, I've told myself "I really must keep track of when this WindyCon is, because I haven't been to a nice general-interest con in ages, and that's the one that's close."

So how did I manage to miss that it's this weekend? And that Tanya Huff is the author GoH? *headdesk*heaaddesk*headdesk*

Oh, right. I think it has something to do with being a trifle busy the last several months. Too damn many lives at once...

I'm fairly certain I'm crazy enough to pop over there tomorrow and buy a one-day membership at the door. I might be crazy enough to do the masquerade, even though I haven't made any of my intended tweaks to the clockdroid costume, or steamed it, or done a CD with the ideal-length cut of the Doll Aria, or printed any references for judges who might not know the source, or set the wig because it's all wilted since last year... (Also, Barbara Wright is a crazy person. Running two masqs two weeks apart???)

Even with no notice, this really works out better for me than Chi TARDIS, which I'd already 90% decided not to do this year, what with the in-laws here for Thanksgiving, etc.

Blast it, if I'd just twigged to this a day or two sooner. Arg.


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Nov. 10th, 2007 12:01 am (UTC)

See, being the big Blood Ties fan you are, I figured you'd be on top of this.... *headdesk*

I knew I had seen her name on a guest list for an upcoming con last weekend when I was in IA for I-Con (I was working for a vendor, so I got to go for free, no $$ out of my pocket, except for the Dresden Files books I bought from Glen Cook), but was thinking it was a new con in Omaha next July, not Windy this weekend. :(

Nov. 10th, 2007 12:11 am (UTC)
That would, of course, require me to be paying attention to, like, anything at all. Which, since the end of August (when I started rehearsals), not so much. I think I may even have seen her post about it and not processed the "when."


Which would be no biggie at all -- since it's, y'know, 40 minutes from my house -- except for the masquerade prep part. And, being me, I must do the masq, and I must Do It Right. :: flails like a huge flaily flailing thing ::

It'll work out. I'm just aghast at myself for being THAT oblivious.
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