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Let me count the ways. Well, actually there's just one that matters right now: She made sure I got new pants! *whew*

See, the pants I've been wearing for one of the scenes were marked dry-clean-only. Not exactly practical when I'm getting fake blood on them every night, but they were what the costumer could find in my size and (more challengingly) length that worked. Unfortunately, the label turned out to mean it, because they started out baggy and plenty long enough, and the last few shows they've been...well, not so much. By Friday night I had uncuffed them, and the lining (not having shrunk) was still two inches longer. And did I mention, really not baggy? So I was going to call the costumer on our day off yesterday to give her plenty of time to hit the thrift store and get me another pair of pants. Except for the part where I forgot to call her until just now.

And the stage manager, who I didn't even realize had noticed I needed new pants, had already called her yesterday. She's on her way to the space with a new pair as we speak. Yay!

Meanwhile, I am paranoid and checking my throat because of our vampire. No, I haven't lost the line between fantasy and reality. She was feeling crummy most of last week, and it turned out she had strep. She was safely antibioticked up by the time we learned this, which was Friday night, so Thursday's cancellation cut back one possible instance of exposure. As a kid I used to catch it every single damn time it went around, but haven't in years, so I'm hoping I escaped this time too. And that the scratchiness is just my usual change-in-the-weather scratchiness. Which it most likely is. *touch wood* In any case, hopefully she got some rest on our day off yesterday and is feeling better, because she has some pretty demanding stuff and has been miserable giving it her all while sick.


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