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From Lifetime's site:


Get ready to set those DVR's because the official announcement is out! Starting October 12, "Blood Ties" will be making its highly anticipated return with ten straight weeks of new episodes every Friday at 11 pm et/pt. If your new to the series (or just want a little refresher before season two) you can get full episodes online or through iTunes.

And we know the burning question on everyone's mind is will Vicky and Henry quit beating around the bush and just hook up already? Guess you'll just have to tune in to find out, now won't you?!? (But we love hearing your predictions.)


Pro: It's no longer be returning on opening night of Horror Academy.

Con: It's returning on the night of HA's final preview instead. (Yes, my first pro and con are entirely selfish. Deal with it. ;-> ) But that just means I'll be watching it Saturday morning instead of Sunday morning, so we'll call this one a wash.

Pro: They've dropped the two-eps-a-week idea, which was making me very nervous in a will-it-get-noticed-enough-in-five-weeks? sort of way.

Con: It's at 11 Eastern. Or maybe that's a pro on Friday night, I'm not sure. Depends to some extent on what SFF has in that slot, at least in terms of getting my buds to watch it.

Memo to "LT Gina": Actually, no, I have far more burning questions than that, but 'sokay because a lot of people do have that one and they're fun to have around. Although it would be really nice if you learned to SPELL VICKI'S NAME plzkthx. Along with a fair chunk of the fandom, but they get a pass on account of not being, y'know, paid...



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Aug. 11th, 2007 09:15 pm (UTC)
The closed captioning seems to spell it "Vicki," fwiw.
Aug. 11th, 2007 10:17 pm (UTC)
Yes, the captions are correct. It's also clear on the sign outside her office, and the other promo material, including TH's blog, on the Lifetime's own website. I certainly trust the author to spell her own creation correctly! :-)

I don't know about this "LT Gina," but my guess is that for at least some of the book-familiar fans, the 'y' migrated from Mike's alternate nickname for her, "Victory," which we've only heard once in the pilot. It's a running source of annoyance to her in the books, but the show seems to have dropped it, which is just as well. I don't recall if there was a particular explanation for how he started calling her that (and only when he wanted to annoy her), but it would certainly come off odd and pointless in this medium.
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