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Midweek midday randomosity

  • Happily did not embarrass my rusty self at callback. Did get a pretty good workout, but thankfully not sore today to speak of. Amazing what happens when you don't follow it up with another three hours of semi-squatting while swinging a hunk of steel around. (Now there's attractive turn of phrase...) It was, however, about three hours of playing with the same unarmed fight from the workshop, but on the other side for most of the time. Callback Mk. II (i.e. the usual reading & stuff, i.e. what would be the callback for a production that did not involve the cast pretending to kick the crap out of one another) tomorrow night. Would really love this one, not only because it would mean fight workouts on a regular basis, but also because they're just my kinda people. And really, have you seen what this show is? Beat me off with a stick...
  • Receptionist is now officially hooked on Blood Ties. Mwuhahahahaha.
  • On that note, UK folks? August 20, on Living. Nothing on the time yet. vaznetti, I'm looking at you. *g* (Unless you'll be back over here. I can't keep track.)
  • Also on that note (or in the same chord?), just wanted to make people aware that, in addition to the iTunes option, Lifetime does have all 12 full eps aired to date available in streaming form in the Videos section of their website. Each act is its own streaming file. Occurs to me that it might be another measure of interest for them in considering whether to buy into a second season.
  • Unfortunate side effect of getting to play with fight stuff: It reduces my patience for sitting at a computer all day. :-/ OTOH, Office of Doom has central air, and home does not. And the room where we were working last night has none at all. I don't know if anyone there was the sort to be self-conscious about dripping sweat and being generally not conventionally presentable had there been males present, but certainly nobody seemed to care in an all-female group. Rather refreshing among a gaggle of actresses, especially in an audition situation.


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Jun. 27th, 2007 05:58 pm (UTC)
::grins:: Yeah, I'll be back in canada by then -- just as well, since we don't get digital channels anyway. But I'll keep an eye out.
Jun. 27th, 2007 06:04 pm (UTC)
Ah. Well, then the relevant info was posted a bit back. Same time frame, and on terrestrial channels. :: whistles innocently ::

It would probably improve my pimping karma if I finally got around to watching SPN, as a slew of my buds have been quite persuasively attempting to get me to do. Too many shows, darnit! %-} Maybe now that SG-1 is done. And I'm rapidly running out of patience with BSG.
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