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A glimpse at the driver's seat of Lifetime

You know how I keep referring to Blood Ties as Lifetime's bid to bring the geek girls to their yard, which we've previously avoided in droves? I hadn't thought too much about the extent to which we're not the only ones who've been staying away. If we can believe half of what programming head Susanne Daniels says, they're digging in to do something about that. Color me impressed, and prepared to pay attention to how well they do. (Even if I am still weirded out by the Juvederm commercials.)

A couple of you have seen The Cancer Jean, the short I was in a few years ago, where my character was obsessed with the disease/peril/etc.-of-the-week movies on an extremely thinly veiled parody of Lifetime. I'll be watching for that joke to stop making sense. And if it does, I won't mind a bit. :-)


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Jun. 13th, 2007 09:58 pm (UTC)
Very interesting article. I don't watch Lifetime. I tend to see it when I'm with patients who are watching it. I've never really thought much of it myself, either.

I've actually got curious about Blood Ties from your posts, so I went online and watched an episode or two. Not bad. Not bad at all. I'm probably going to watch the rest on-line.

I'm not sure how long they can run that triangle without running out of ways to explore it, but in the meantime, it's fun. I like the heroine and it's fun watching her explore the new world in front of her. I'd certainly now be interested in watching another season.
Jun. 13th, 2007 10:19 pm (UTC)
I suspect (hope?) the triangle will at least find an equilibrium before they've run the series too long. But there's a fair amount of mileage in it if they don't press it all the time, which is the case as the series goes on a bit. It got a lot of emphasis at the beginning for establishing.

I'm assuming part of the push for the back part of the season in October will include a well-publicized rerun of the first 12. I'm looking forward to steering people toward it then, when accessibility is easy. :-)
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