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Blood Ties in Canada

Keep forgetting to post that I'd seen it on Denis McGrath's blog earlier this week; now reported by Tanya Huff here:

This is the most recent word from the good people at CHUM about Canadian showtimes for Blood Ties.

CHUM has decided to delay the Blood Ties launch by one week in order to allow the airing of the two hour MOW as our Premiere and give the show the best possible opportunity to reach it's audience. The previous dates we relayed to you would only have accommodated the first hour. So, that said, here are the new airdates per market:
Citytv Toronto and Winnipeg:
Monday August 20 8-10PM
Citytv Vancouver:
Sunday August 26 8-10PM
Citytv Calgary / Edmonton:
Thursday August 23 8-10PM

SPACE will also be showing us in the fall although we don't know when for sure. Not yet...

Tell two friends. Heck, tell three. Remember, we need 62 episodes to make it into syndication and replace Mutant X as the weekend Can-con on SPACE (Canadian humour). That's pretty much three seasons and the only way to get that is for the show to have the kind of viewing numbers that convinces CHUM and their advertisers, that we're a good investment.

What with the potential corporate shuffle involving the network, I suspect it's that much more important for the show to be viewed as an asset when the dust settles. I know there are a couple north-of-the-border folks on my flist for whom the supernatural genre doesn't do it, and several who are already on board. So this is a shoutout to anyone left over to give it a shot come August. For the entirely selfish reason that I'm having more fun in this fandom than I have in any for a while (and that's saying quite a bit), so I'd really like to have it around for more than a season. :-)



Jun. 9th, 2007 03:36 pm (UTC)
"CHUM." Being in the US, I haven't read that network's name since the last rumor that they might pick up and revive Young Blades, which was all too long ago and far away. Young Blades is the series I've enjoyed the most since the end of Forever Knight; YB lasted only thirteen episodes, and didn't find its groove until its fourth -- or perhaps tenth ~g~ -- episode, but I had fallen for it hard.

Point being, in your Blood Ties activities, if you happen to spot a reference to Young Blades in the vicinity of CHUM, and remember, could you let me know?

Sine the whole point of your post was promoting Blood Ties, I'm running badly off-topic with this request. Sorry. If I ever get a channel that airs Blood Ties, I promise to try it! Hmmm. Would it help if I bought some of the books on which the series is based?
Jun. 9th, 2007 08:10 pm (UTC)
On-topic isn't necessary, and yes, I'll file that away in case I hear anything about it. :-)

I loved the first three books when I read them about fifteen years back. I've been holding off on rereading/finishing them (there are five, plus a couple of short stories she did for anthologies; they're collected in some sort of omnibus edition now) because I'm enjoying taking the show on its own merits. I was going to wait until the end of the first season, but with the break until October, that probably won't happen. :-) The series pilot is an adaptation of the first book, Blood Price.


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