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July is bustin' out all over

In the sense of it will go asplodey at the seams if I try to cram anything else into it. In fact, not everything I'm currently planning will necessarily happen, e.g. Polaris. Which would suck if it didn't work out, but I just found out my 20th high school reunion is July 21, and trips to Toronto and Colorado that close together are probably not the wisest financial decision. :-/ Especially if no one I know is going to the con, what with hotel being the primary cost factor. (Well, and gas, if prices stay what they are. O_o )

In addition to that, my Saturdays that month (or rather, those for which I will be in town) are now earmarked for rehearsals for the World of Faeries Festival, which is a Ren Faire-ish event with a fantasy/fairy-tale slant. Which I was on the fence about doing for free, but (a) reasonably light rehearsal commitment, (b) it only runs one weekend, (c) it's in the next town over (although the rehearsals are in Chicago), and (d) the entertainment director and her staff are veteran Rennies who give every indication of Knowing What They Are Doing. (They are also willing to work with the size of troupe they have now, but wouldn't be averse to recruiting a few more, so if you are local and interested, drop her a line at auditionme [at] gmail.)

The fest has a pirate theme this year, which is not terribly surprising but likely to be a bit cracktastic in combination with the magic stuff. Should be lots of fun. I'm contemplating being a sea nymph or mermaid who wants to be a pirate. And who can't understand why they keep breaking when she tries to take them home. I'm seeing a tattered captain's coat and assorted other souvenirs.

This is their third year, but the first I've heard of them in spite of the "next town over" thing. Apparently they got about a thousand patrons last year, tho.

Back in Day Job Land, after spending just shy of FIFTY DOLLARS to fill up a Chevy Cavalier yesterday, I finally broached to BigBossLady the subject of possibly working from home part of the time. (Note to those not in the U.S.: Yes, I know that's nothing, relatively speaking. But with a 24-mile commute one way, it's a substantially bigger bite than my budget is accustomed to.) She's all for it; we'll see how long it takes to work out the logistics. In the meantime, I got a "thanks for your interest, we hired someone, we'll keep your resume" from Steppenwolf today. Which is not surprising, since I figured I'd have heard from them way before this if they wanted me to interview. And of course disappointing, but I always appreciate it when they bother to tell you.


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Jun. 1st, 2007 10:03 am (UTC)
Oh, my God, that site is very blue. I found out about them last year something like a week or two after the festival. Glad to hear they're doing it again.

I have no time to volunteer, but when it opens, I'll so be there, and probably in costume. Heh. Along with the kidlet. (Though if they're looking for dancers, let me know, and I can broach the idea with Christina. There are nine of us in the student troupe now; I'm sure some of us will be free.)
Jun. 1st, 2007 10:33 am (UTC)
Other than general troupe people (i.e. interactive characters), I really don't know what they need, but it's certainly worth asking Joyce.
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