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Let's get ready to rumble...

This week on Blood Ties: Zombies wear wrestling tights and Henry Fitzroy is a dork.

I say it with the greatest of affection, really I do. But I was saying it repeatedly last night. And LOUDLY. The gangster bit? Dork. The Vicki-sniffing and quasi-poetic explanation therefor? Big. Dork. The Rosetta Stone reference and "I feel so old"? Did I mention DORK?

But he's our dork, and we love him for it. Much more than for the royal brattitude or the Prince of Darkness shtick. Dorky Henry is real Henry, the guy who opted to spend eternity dead for not-being-king purposes so he could write and paint and shag.

And the sniffing bit, all mockery aside, was pitch-perfect, from both of them. Vicki is so "yeah, whatever" about Henry invading her space -- they'd never get anything done if she weren't -- but only up to a point. And then it's the verbal newspaper to the nose and life goes on. I almost feel sorry for him...but y'know, after those "centuries of positive reinforcement"? I think he can take it. *snerk*

Oh, Coreen, honey, what died on your head? The bangs are cute -- and will save us from any more instances of the center-part straight-down thing, which is way too severe on her sweet little kitten face -- but the rat's nest updo in her first scene HAD to go. Luckily, it was replaced by the adorable pigtails.

On a less frivolous note, I love that they took a moment for Coreen to be so clearly disturbed by the Necrodrome video. She has all the mostly-theoretical sophistication one expects of a 21st-century college kid, plus a few eye-opening personal experiences one doesn't, but at the end of the day she's still the innocent romantic in all this. It's nice to be reminded of that once in a while. She obviously admires Vicki, but she has a long way to go to acquire that kind of toughness, and she shouldn't be in any hurry.

Love Henry's prickly insistence on the distinction between "reanimated" and "resurrected," and better yet his good grace at being proven wrong. That's not something that comes easily to any of our heroes.

"I have the gun! I have the zombies!" That's nice. She has the vampire. *WHAM* Yup, there he is now. *snorfle*

Mohadevan. Dude. Not that we haven't seen her being completely matter-of-fact about the supernatural before, but it's like she got tired of Vicki dancing around stuff and decided to just spell it out. This stuff hasn't all just appeared out of nowhere at the time Vicki became aware of it, and of course a fair chunk of it must find its way to the morgue. Sometimes they get up and walk away. You accept it and get on with your life, or you find another line of work. It really does make perfect sense.

And Henry just staring at her cracked me up. Yes, dear, she made her SAN roll. It probably happens a whole lot more often than you think. Dork. (And yes, she's probably wondering where you fit into all this.)

Okay, Cellucci, after all the times you've lectured her about going in without backup and not calling? No. Excuse.

I told thanatos_kalos that this was a fair-to-middling ep, and overall it is, but it really is chockablock with moments. "They're not zombies," in stereo. "You should write Hallmark cards." Vicki punching out the door guy after Henry apparently let him off easy. "It's the button that says 'sirens.'" Henry asking Mike if he's okay -- we still don't know for sure exactly where they stand, but at least in a crisis there's a huge chunk of the cloud of animosity that seems to be cleared. Henry standing witness to Diesel's second death (though I was waiting for him to make the Sign of the Cross or something...I have a big thinky post about his mutant jury-rigged Catholicism brewing in the back of my brain). Lots and lots of fun or just nice pieces that I'm going to want to revisit.



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