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After The Sick

Or mostly after, anyway. Cancelled my slot for a Kiss Me, Kate audition because there was no way I was going to be able to sing worth a damn tonight. Went ahead with the Measure for Measure one, at about 75% of vocal capacity -- enough that people who don't know me wouldn't be able to tell, but still short of what feels right and what serves the text. :-/ The guy was nice, but not giving anything away, so, no idea.

It was very speedy, because he only had about 20 minutes before an appointment -- I lucked out as it was, because it was one of the stale listings in the late-delivered PerformInk, but I emailed them with my fingers crossed and it turns out there were a few other people who couldn't make the original date. Just my monologue (I really gotta get something up other than Imogen's "False to his bed..." one of these days, but it's definitely handy to have something tattooed on every brain cell like that, because I never seem to have the time), and then he had me read a sonnet (152, I think? The "lust" one -- y'know, "everything looks great until you actually GET it") and a couple of Isabella cuts, including "To whom should I complain?...", and then whoosh, outta there. Shakespeare Express!

Would LOVE to do it, (a) because it's MfM, which I adore on its own merits and hold dear to my heart as my first full-length Shakespeare (just when Rosebriar was hitting its peak...it really was a great company to call home for about 3-4 seasons there *sigh*), (b) because it's Five Minutes From My House Yay!!, and (c) because I'm in serious Shakespeare withdrawal, dammit. We got to chat a leeeeeetle tiny bit, mostly in the elevator, and he seemed pleased that I've done the play before, and specifically Mariana. Said he was having all the women read Isabella just to compare apples to apples, but obviously all the roles will be coming from that, so who knows. It's an interesting approach -- I can see pegging Mariana and Juliet from that, but Mistress Overdone? O_o

We shall see what we shall see. Would lovelovelove to do Isabella before I've aged completely out of reach of it. I have no sense whatsoever of where I stand. But then, what else is new? :-) If I do get it, I hope I know before Wednesday, so I can cancel on You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown and visit more with the 'rents.



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Apr. 30th, 2007 11:29 pm (UTC)
:Crossing fingers and toes for you:

Aww, Diablo, senile kitty.
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