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Someone else's plug

Disclaimer: Despite a coincidence of (not terribly uncommon) name between their group and my LJ, I have no connection to or information about this event beyond what you see below. I just think it sounds cool, wish I could go, and have several folks on my flist who might be interested and for whom it makes geographical sense.


Please join The Divas Next Door at their premiere production of:

The Impresario's Audition or The Dueling Divas

An opera audition is turned upside down when two rival sopranos fight over who will be the company’s new leading lady. Featuring a selection of Italian songs and arias and music from Mozart’s The Impresario.

Featuring a talented cast of Bay Area performers including Tom Caldecott, Marie Sanders, Diane Squires, Suzanne Gordon, Kenny Louis, Emma Steuer, Kimberly Forlenza, Alex Giacomini, Maddie Sykes, Lindsay Ip, Monica Weber, Kestine Theile and Jeremy Erman, pianist.

Sunday March 4th 2007 3:00 PM

Church of the Epiphany
1839 Arroyo Ave in San Carlos

Admission is $10 per person

Directons: From Highway 280 North take the Edgewood exit and make a right on Edgewood. Follow Edgewood down the hill to Alameda de los Pulgas and make a left. Make a right on Brittan (there’s a traffic light, so it’s easy to find.) Make a left on Tamarack and a right on Arroyo. The church will be on your right, you can’t miss it.

Who are the Divas Next Door?

The Divas Next Door are a new San Francisco Bay Area based production company founded for the purpose of producing high quality music and theatre for today's audiences. Through the presentation of modern and dynamic interpretation we hope to renew interest in and enrich various musical art forms via new translations, updated stories and creative interpretation. Further, we seek to encourage the development of new singers by providing cooperative performance opportunities that allow young and developing singers the chance to perform alongside opera, music & theatre professionals.



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Feb. 28th, 2007 05:07 pm (UTC)
Not too many years ago, I lived within walking distance of that church. In fact, I regularly walked past it on the way to my church. :-)
Feb. 28th, 2007 05:09 pm (UTC)
It's a small Internet! :-)
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