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Memoirs of a Fake Geisha

Hooray for blocking! Soooo much more fun to have this thing on its feet. Even if I do find myself still kimono-walking at the grocery store an hour later...

The whole first act is now staged, and there's some fun byplay during the wedding. My favorite bit is when Cio-Cio-san is going through her box of treasures, and Pinkerton reacts negatively to the pot of rouge, so she marches over and plunks it in my hand. *snerk*

Cousin is sort of evolving into a composite of Miss Bingley from Pride and Prejudice and Hatsumomo from Memoirs. I've been placed downstage center for the whole "friends and relations" bit and instructed to make it All About Me. Bride? What bride? Oh, you mean the one I'm throwing snarky comments at? Yeah, whatever.

And then, of course, the wedding happens, the Bonze comes in and has conniptions over Cio-Cio-san's conversion, and we all scuttle out never to be seen again, nor heard until briefly backstage in the Humming Chorus. So, Cousin Diva? Making the most of every second, TYVM! *eg*

Affixing bling to wigs is progressing nicely. Got enough done for the Art Showcase thing last Thursday, and we were one of the three color photos that wound up on the front page of the Courier News. Need to bling a few more, as we will have a fuller complement for Thursday's concert at the senior community. At which I will also be doing the cat duet again, which will necessitate speedy changing. So I want to get my "cheater" obi finished by then too. Fortunately, the wig are a very TV-watching-friendly project. And as I was telling mrv3000 the other day, I really must recognize the glee in having a life wherein the affixing of bling to geisha wigs is a necessary task. ;-)



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