Valerie - Postmodern Pollyanna (wiliqueen) wrote,
Valerie - Postmodern Pollyanna

Clockwork costume update

Busy-busy with other stuff the last couple weeks, haven't gotten much of anywhere since the last update. Will be buzzing away the next couple weekends!!

The mask is about half done; I need to get the dimensional gold paint and the crackle-finish coating to finish it up.

The stays are definitely the most time-consuming item. Or if they're not, I'm in a lot of trouble! %-} But I have no reason to think they won't be; the smallest piece always seems to be the most complicated, and make it seem like I'll never be done in time! Still only partway through binding the edges, and then lots of grommets to pound. Not looking forward to that last part. :-/

Having ascertained that I wasn't hallucinating having laid in a supply of hoopsteel (still in the package mailed from Farthingales five years ago!!), I'm set to start on the pocket hoops next. I was actually briefly considering ordering a ready-made set -- out of the question with the stays, as I'm too much of a corset snob, but worth considering with those. Or so I thought. It quickly became apparent that it would probably take me almost as long to find a satisfactory pair as to just make the darn things.

Goal for this weekend: finish stays, make pocket hoops and quilted petticoat.

I may end up taking a chance and skipping some parts of the practice version of the dress. Stay tuned...

CT-minus 16 days and eekhowdidthathappen?!
Tags: costuming, doctor who
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