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Hey, look. New season of Stargates.

Which, pretty much any other year, I would have gone out of my way to see the premieres of, unless I had a performance or something, in which case I'd watch them first thing in the morning, if not as soon as I got home.

Times change. *shrug* Dunno to what extent it reflects a waning of interest in the shows, and to what extent it's just "Hey! I have time to do things other than work, eat, sleep, and rehearse and/or work on costumes! Let's go to Best Buy and look for a SCSI card so I can use the old scanner on my new computer, instead of sitting in front of the tube!" In any case, watched the first two of each over the last couple days.

SG-1 still feels like SG-1, maybe even a bit more so than the last couple of seasons. The whole Ori thing is starting off more interesting than last year, and I've practically forgotten my trepidation about having Vala around full-time. I still love all these people, and am hoping that they continue to spend more time offworld again.

Atlantis is...wearing not quite as well for me. While I liked most of the characters from the beginning, I'm not invested in them as fully as the SG-1 folks. So I'm less likely to cut them slack when I think they're being horrifically stupid. I mean, here's a wacky thought: Next time circumstances are such that you absolutely cannot avoid saddling yourselves with a bunch of ex-Wraith? Howzabout you, oh, I don't know, TELL THEM THE FRAKKING TRUTH???

Not least because, quite frankly, your lies SUCK.

You already KNEW Michael wasn't that stupid. What in the name of all that's holy made you think the rest of them would be?

And Woolsey picks now to decide Elizabeth is doing a fine job after all?? No, scratch that comment. Of course he would. *facepalm*



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