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Posted separately since they're technically two different spoilers, although if you know one you probably know the other.

Sooooo... Martha Jones, huh? There's a nice, solid, ordinary British name for a woman who is (as mrv3000 so aptly put it) "insanely beautiful," and played by an actress whose own name, Freema Agyeman, I keep having to look up because I can't yet keep all the right syllables in my head for fifteen minutes straight.

Who will she be, d'you suppose?

Up until yesterday afternoon, I wondered if maybe they'd go with an alien. Then I saw her name. So, definitely human, but she still doesn't necessarily have to be from this time, or even born on Earth. They've made quite the point of the future human diaspora among the stars. The possibilities are wide open. Which, of course, doesn't stop me predicting. ;-)

Traditionally, each Doctor or companion is a complete 180 from his or her predecessor in some way. This is a bit trickier to map for companions, of course, because their time on the show so often overlaps. Sometimes the contrast is set up between concurrent companions -- Jamie and Zoe, f'rinstance, or Nyssa and Tegan.

But for the most part, the rule of thumb holds, and it's a smart one. I could hate Romana for being so utterly not Leela, but nobody could accuse her of the far worse sin of being an inferior copy. Which is why, if Russell Davies and his merry band are smart (which, on balance, I tend to think they are), they'll be following this template in the creation of Martha.

Rose is a down-to-earth, "spunky" (I'm not overly fond of that word, but there's really not a better one for this use) companion in the tradition of Jo, Sarah Jane, Tegan or Ace. I therefore predict that Martha will be a more aristocratic or "elite" type -- think Zoe, Liz, Romana, Nyssa. (Freema's looks could certainly lend themselves easily to this cooler type.) If she clicks well enough to still be around for the next regeneration (although it wouldn't surprise me if Tennant has his sights on Tom Baker's record, in which case he'll go through a few companions by then), she'll have a notable influence on the next Doctor's persona.

I further predict that a lot of people will hate her for it, and grouse at length about how she's a horrible snob, and treats the Doctor abominably, and how Rose would never do that.

But they'll never, ever call her an inferior imitation. And eventually some will warm to her, while others never will, but will tolerate her until the next one comes along because the Doctor does.

And now we wait a few months to see how accurate -- or not -- I turn out to be. After we've all recovered from "Doomsday," that is. I'm not laying ANY bets on what will happen in that (not counting the hat-eating one I've joined Becca in about what won't), but I have no doubt whatever it is will require recovery...



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Jul. 7th, 2006 05:06 pm (UTC)
I definitely agree with your historical analysis of companions. They did try and make each successive companion different from the preceeding ones, or at least different from others already accompanying the Doctor. Vicki and Jamie were very different, as were Tegan, Nyssa, and Adric. It was during the Jon Pertwee time that the Doctor started travelling with just one companion. Until then, it had usually been two, and sometimes three. Unfortunately, while the writers did try three companions again with Peter Davidson, I don't think it worked as well as they would have imagined. Regardless, the show did historically vary the companions well. And I can only hope, as you've rightfully stated, that they do the same here. I agree that with Freema Agyeman's looks, she could easily be more of a Nyssa or Romana type than a Rose or SJS. I guess we'll have to see though. Lets just hope that they do this properly.
Jul. 7th, 2006 11:49 pm (UTC)
Honestly, I don't want another Rose. I loved Rose, but she had her failings. One of them being that intense devotion for the Doctor. I really want someone that won't just look at the Doctor like an adoring puppy. I've said that if she argues with the Doctor on anything, I'll watch her forever.
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 9th, 2006 12:03 pm (UTC)
I like the idea that she's aristocratic, but will that fly as well in this current adaptation?

It could, depending on how they did it. But I think your "educated" is probably closest to the mark -- that's the kind of "elite" that caused me to include Liz Shaw in the examples.

I wonder if they will introduce the character in the Christmas special or wait until season 3 starts.

The press releases are saying neither Rose nor Martha will be in it, and that they have "something special" planned for the Doctor. Which could mean ANYTHING.
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