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Pfszhnergl. :-P

Stop scratching your head, it doesn't mean anything. It's just Val's Fake Word of the Month.

I picked a BLF icon. Seemed appropriate to the moment. Probably a good thing I don't have the divine pyrokinesis thing going on, tho. I need this computer. I might pick a different one later, and then Callisto will go back in the "available" category. Doesn't matter much, since most of my buds are non-blondes (for whom, per tinagilman's suggestion, "BLF collaborator" icons will be made when I have finished writing overdue character bios and can do so without massive guilt), and nobody seems to want to play. Which is okay; it was just to amuse me anyway. I can perfectly happily work my way through the whole set. *eg*

I've been trying to write a character bio for three hours. It's now ALMOST two whole paragraphs. I am pathetic.

I'm finally starting to get a sense of who this guy is, tho. The main problem is that he's dead in my story continuity, and I'm just writing him up as an alternate if people want to play our characters but in a different configuration of the team, or have a bigger gaming group.

So I'm giving the other characters -- who've had just shy of 15,000 words worth of fictional life breathed into them, and taken up quite comfortable residence in my head -- the third degree about who the heck this guy was. Because I originally conceived of him as just a plot device and potential angst fodder for the surviving team members, until Jack suggested that he should be written up as an option. With which I immediately agreed -- 'cause he was right -- and upon which I've been dragging my feet for, like, a month. Jack even offered to take my notes and see if he could do something, but I'm trying to avoid that because he's up to his eyebrows in quotes for the Angel corebook.

Must stop being distracted and write this damn thing already.


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