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Audition postmort

Wicked: No doubt due almost entirely to the assumption that they so weren't even gonna notice that I was there, I was completely and utterly non-nervous about this one from the get-go. Which in turn contributed substantially to the fact that my singing -- all EIGHT BARS of it, as there were 200+ girls to see -- was at its best when I needed it to be for a change.

There was much freaking out around me at the announcement of cutting back from 16 bars to 8, but I had at least half-expected it in light of what the turnout was bound to be, coupled with the fact (which I think many of those there didn't know) that even at an open call, Equity rules require them to see everyone who turns up by the sign-in time. Luckily, the song that is my first choice anyway -- "Stranger to the Rain" -- has an 8-bar section that still shows nearly my full belt range. (I briefly entertained the notion of taking a soprano number, just because they were likely to get fewer of those; but I'm sure their ensemble sopranos understudy Glinda. And I, if you'll pardon the obvious reference, am not that girl.) Less luckily, a girl who went in an earlier group reported that they reacted to her signing it in a manner that suggested they'd heard it a lot. I didn't really see that when I said I was doing it, and frankly didn't really care. It's the perfect range and emotional content for this show, and by the same composer, so it's not too surprising that it's a popular choice. I know it wouldn't matter to them if I pointed out that I was doing it before pretty much anybody else in this country, but they'll just have to live with hearing it. ;-)

I may even have gotten some slight flicker of distinction from greeting them with "Good afternoon, tired people!" They actually didn't look quite completely comatose by the time I got in there (I was only #69 of the women, but that was after 3 1/2 hours of guys), and someone even wrote something down while I was singing. So, hey, they registered my presence. *shrug*

My realistic goals for the day were to (a) be early enough in line to get home for dinner, and (b) not blow it. Both of these were accomplished, comfortably in fact. And that represents 100% of what is in any way within my control. There was certainly no question of not going; but if I'd taken the PTO day, gone through all the rigmarole of going, and then blown it in the 90-second window that counted? THAT would suck. And God/dess knows it's happened before. So I'm calling the day a success, even though I remain red-hot certain I'll never hear from them.

Miss Saigon: Sang well, movement combination I could do in my sleep, can't tell a bloody thing. Except they were keeping a few people to sing stuff from the show and not others; I was in the latter category. They did the usual riff of "whether you get called back or not doesn't necessarily correlate to whether you'll be cast," but I didn't really believe it any more than usual. *shrug*

Next stop, Jane Eyre, in about three weeks.



Jan. 25th, 2006 06:09 pm (UTC)
Oh, it's my standard attitude. It was just actually successful in keeping muscles from tensing up this time. No doubt in inverse proportion to my chances of getting cast... ;-D


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