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Why do I do this again?

Oh, yeah. Because I don't know how not to. *crooked g* Also because I really love the parts of it that aren't auditioning and waiting and going crazy.

Haven't heard from the people from The Workout Partner, the film I auditioned for on Sunday. Wondering if I should have lied about my age. (They were looking for a range of 18-24, but everyone always guesses me about 22-23 even though I'm 33.) Wondering if I should have read X line just a little differently. Wondering if I should have worn a different skirt. Wondering if I should have worn pants. Wondering if I should have babbled less and just said "yes" when he asked if I would dye my hair.

In short, as usual, second-guessing everything that happened from the moment I walked in the door. Which common sense tells you you just can't do, and which it's virtually impossible to avoid.

And it's one of those situations where I walked in with no expectations of whether I'd even be interested in the project, and walked out jazzed about what I saw of the script and Really Wanting This Part. Which, as of late, is the guaranteed kiss of death. *sigh*

(I think I'll be reasonably safe from that curse if Kathy is in fact directing The Secret Garden, after all the hints she's been dropping for the past, oh, year, but the way things are going lately, I'm considering all bets off.)

Now, mind you, the director said I "should" hear from him by Friday, which means not having heard by 11 am Saturday isn't necessarily a no. For the most part, in this business, no news is good news until you actually hear who got it instead of you. Or unless they have the gumption to call you either way (and I've been on the other end of that, and know how hard it is). Which I forgot to ask him if he'd do.

Hate dangling in limbo about a decision that may already be made without my knowledge. :-P


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