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A Tale of Two...err, never mind.

Y'know, when I worked at Victoria's Secret and they told me you should be fitted every six months, I was sure it was a marketing ploy.

Not so much. Good thing I had my Huge Honkin' Green Suitcase up from the basement the last few days (finally finished rotating seasonal clothes in & out of it yesterday). And that I realized last spring I'd better pack away the 34Cs and not get rid of them.

*scowls at chest* Yo! Pick a size, willya?!

But enough about that. On to the gleee!

Five good things about yesterday:
  • Physical and mental health day, which succeeded in improving my physical and mental health.
  • It's November and I still have Cadbury's Creme Eggs in my freezer.
  • West Side Story is in the box of DVDs I brought from Columbus last time.
  • Short walk to the laundry room.
  • Chicago Public Radio pledge drive didn't start until today.

Three things I did well yesterday:
  • Rearranged and straightened up my bedroom
  • Emptied dishwasher and washed sink dishes
  • Finally got around to emailing Stargate RPG Fearless Leader with a report on my day at the Creation con (including plugging the game) and update on writing status


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Nov. 10th, 2004 06:24 am (UTC)
I love being able to get things accomplished.
Nov. 10th, 2004 06:35 am (UTC)
Well, I had to take a PTO day (and a lot of bathroom breaks) to do it. But on balance, I think it worked out. :-)
Nov. 10th, 2004 06:45 am (UTC)
I worked at Victoria's Secret for a day my first year of college. I was the only guy who had turned an application in to them, and they needed someone one day to come in and fix a bunch of drawers and put in a door chime. . .so they called me. They paid me under the counter - and my friends were way jealous of me. LOL.
Nov. 10th, 2004 07:50 am (UTC)
We had two guys on regular payroll, one in the stockroom and one on beauty side (our store was a lingerie/beauty side-by-side).

A guy can actually be very good at selling makeup and yummy smelly stuff. :-D
Nov. 10th, 2004 12:09 pm (UTC)
What what where where???
You're ...where?

My head feels like it's about to spin off, I'm so dizzy.

Chicago? Why? When? What happened?

You still have Diablo, but... gaaahahaha. Much catching up needed.

Email me at porphyrin AT gmail DOT com....
Nov. 10th, 2004 12:17 pm (UTC)
Re: What what where where???
Sorry, sweetie. If it's any comfort, you're not the first victim of this particular disorientation...

Long story short: Columbus theatre swirling down toilet. Decided to move to Chicago. Got job in western 'burbs. Started 9/03. Was hoping we would both be here with house by now. Not so much, partly due to my being cast in two shows back to back and designing costumes for a third, and thus not going back to help get house ready as much as I should have. Still having two households in two states, which is TEH SUCK!!1! Cat here so as not to bother and/or allergize potential home buyers. Hoping to rectify sitch by end of year. Hoping to find house here shortly thereafter.

Does that help?
Nov. 10th, 2004 06:20 pm (UTC)
Re: What what where where???

I feel much less disorientated. :)

Hopefully, you & Jack had less to catch up on. :)
Nov. 10th, 2004 06:56 pm (UTC)
Re: What what where where???
Well, I've managed to process St. Paul and 1 1/2 more offspring than the last time I saw you. ;-) To be honest, I haven't gone looking for other surprises yet...
Nov. 10th, 2004 08:32 pm (UTC)
It's November and I still have Cadbury's Creme Eggs in my freezer.

I found a whole bag full of Easter candy in my room not so long ago. Didn't dare eat it, though. :)
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