June 14th, 2014


Je suis là comme je l'ai rêvé

This is all the fault of our new TV.

See, I was at Menards (regional home-improvement-store chain) over Memorial Day weekend. I was there to buy mulch, but happened to see these Sceptre 40" LCD TVs in the "Special Buy" section. (I have no idea who buys their Special Buys, but they get some very unexpected things sometimes.) $278 seemed awfully good for something like that, so I snapped a pic of the specs label and sent it off to brainiacfive to look up reviews. Which by and large said "great picture, iffy sound." Since we're not big audio snobs, and we were already starting to look for a new TV on account of the old one's habit of making a horrible high-pitched whine after it's been on for a while in hot/humid weather, and, hey, $278? New TV.

Anyhoo, while checking out the picture and audio (excellent and passable, respectively), I was paging through the Disney channel on Roku (basically a repackaging of the same videos they have on the web, as near as I can tell), mostly to look at Maleficent preview bits, and ran across this:

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It was released in January, so probably everyone who cares about Frozen has already seen it, but it was new to me. Kinda fell in love with it, mostly because it's such fun to watch the various singers each get into it in her own way. I particularly get a kick out of Füredi Nikolett's (Hungarian) little head-bop, and Anaïs Delva's (French)... everything, pretty much.

In fact, I seem to have become a full-fledged fan of sorts. Seriously, this woman is adorable. (And reminds me a little of Deb Duchêne, especially in profile.)

Just look:

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(Make sure you watch through the dominatrix bit. You will not be sorry. You should also not be drinking any liquids if you value your monitor.)

Also found out she was Lucy in a 2011 updated Dracula musical at the Palais des Sports, which... well... I actually really like what I've heard/seen of the score and choreography, but have only managed to watch the excerpts on her YouTube channel (NSFW due to topless aerial artists) and just keep going "Bzuh?" at what people are wearing. I was like, "Okay, so we seem to have Lucy by way of Lady Gaga, which if you're updating, hey, whatever..." But then it keeps going and... I just sort of keep coming back to "The French are weird." I'm going to try to watch the whole thing (which does exist on YouTube) at some point when (a) I have the time and (b) I am non-migrainey (seriously, the barometer can stop doing its rollercoaster impression ANY time) and capable of digesting that much unsubtitled French and wacky wardrobe/makeup shenanigans.

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I'll probably investigate some of them further when my Anaïs fangirling dies down a little bit. ;-)

Edit: Initially forgot to mention that I played the "Behind the Mic" video for ShinyHappyNiece (age 4 and therefore, of course, obsessed), and three hours later heard her softly singing "Libre soy, libre soy..." BigBabyBrother confirmed that she's heard it twice at most. She can, of course, belt out the whole thing in English, with a few mumblety bits. None of which, curiously, include the bigger words -- "isolation" and "frozen fractals" are clear as a bell. Much to the delight of Daddy-the-engineer. :-D

Edit2: Speaking of kidlets (which, really, kinda the coolest thing about the multi-language aspect is exposing them), I actually put the playlist together after finding this "Kids React" video. They show the kids the other multi-language version, which has the same audio but just shows the name of the language over the animation, not the footage of the various singers. Which I was kinda disappointed about (because watching the singers was my favorite thing about it), but it was interesting in the post-viewing interview bit to see the various kids' answers to whether they thought it was the same girl or different ones.