December 31st, 2012


I'd listen to her if I were you.

So we went up to BigBabyBrother's house yesterday for "second Christmas" (sort of like how Hobbits have second breakfast), after they got back from spending Christmas with my parents in Colorado.

My delight at receiving Brave on Blu-ray was exceeded only by that of ShinyHappyNiece (age 3), who (a) loudly and excitedly announced what it was before I could even start opening it, (b) repeatedly declared "I'm gonna watch it with you, Auntie Val!" (no, this has not yet occurred; maybe next time, if it's still her obsession by then), and (c) at random points throughout the day, addressed a remarkably fierce "DON'T KILL MY MAMA! SHE'S NOT A BEAR!" to nobody in particular.

I am DED OF CUTE. And resisting the urge to make a toy bow appear at their house prior to the advent of playing-outside weather. After the reports of the "mini football nailing the TV" incident, I'm pretty sure such a purchase would... not go over well with Mama and Daddy. Awfully tempting, though. :-)