August 12th, 2012


Things I Did Not Plan At The Start Of My Saturday...

...most definitely include "randomly dancing with James Hong at his Wizard World Q & A."

And winding up on ONTD (Edit: And, in a less high-profile but more clearly photographed form, on Flickr) at the vanishingly rare con where I did not wear a costume. O_o (Which, considered after a full day of walking on concrete floors in a not-quite-SDCC-but-still-pretty-sardiney crowd, was deemed to be the right call. Just wasn't feeling it, after 10-hour day last Sunday doing makeup/wardrobe tests for Witchfinder and Cyphan the week before that.)

Apparently this is what happens when you ask a very clever and funny but still 83-year-old man, near the end of 45 minutes of entertaining a room full of fans, if he knows anything now that he wishes he'd known when he was playing this age 20-30 years ago. After a couple rephrasings, he got what I was asking, thought for a second, and said "That's a hard question. Would you like to dance instead?"

So I laughed and did a silly little pas de bourré turn. He waved me up and came down from the stage, asked the audience to clap a rhythm, and jammed out like no 83-year-old should jam for about 30 seconds (for the record, ONTD person, he came up behind me -- I don't go invading people's personal space uninvited!), finishing with a dip.

So that happened. :-D

I also need to take a picture of Miss Edith (the sad little one-eyed porcelain doll I rescued from a clearance shelf and used to carry around cons while dressed as Drusilla) and email it to Juliet Landau, together with a link to "Waking the Witch." She likes to chat. :-) (The shortness of her autograph line during James Marsters' Q & A probably helped with that.)

Wizard World's organizational skills have improved in the department of getting people in the door, but after that it's all still a bit muddled. Still, all in all, a fun day. :-)
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