May 23rd, 2010

annie, squee

Family and fanart rec

In reverse order. A Partial Map of Your TARDIS is flat-out brilliant.

Really must try to visit BigBabyBrother, Sister-in-Love, and ShinyHappyNiece more often. I've been looking for a new designation since ShinyNewNiece is now five months old. After seeing her grinning away and swiveling her head around to take in the whole! big! world! with big wide eyes, and after the priest said, "Who brings this child... this happy smiley child..." Well, ShinyHappyNiece it is. She was even all "Hey, this is fun!" about her skinny dip in the baptismal font.

Cutest. Baby. In. The. Known. Universe. For serious.
unvarnished, lizzie

FKFicFest gleeeeeee!

brightknightie and amilyn, being very clever, have constructed fkficfest with rolling releases, so that instead of twenty fics all unscreening at once, we get two (or one, if it has to be broken into parts so as not to exceed LJ's posting limits) per day.

So I've been happily reading something new and cool every day this week, and today I hit the jackpot. brightknightie picked up the prompt I thought least likely to be written, meshing Nick's canonical artistic bent with my favorite artistic movement to produce "True to Life."

The life Nick has made for himself in mid-19th-century London, his interactions with the historical characters, the mystery that arrives with Janette, and the ongoing process of deciding who he is, who he wants to be, and how to get there... It's all here, and all jaw-droppingly beautifully crafted from the first word to the last.

I couldn't have asked for a better gift. I hope my recipient is even half as happy with what I came up with, when it's released.