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Part the Second: In which Our Lady of Perpetual Cute indulges the faithful

Then, "the moment we've all been waiting for," Amanda took the stage. For those who keep track of hair, looks like she's had a recent trim, just a touch more layered-y than the top of this season -- more like late S7. She opened with a brief speech voicing her usual "You people are so cool and keep making me cry! But in the good way!" sentiment, which rang completely genuine as always, and then went straight to taking questions. I didn't take any notes or anything, so you get what my fried brain retained, not necessarily in order...

Dream guest star? Carol Burnett. "I have no idea who she'd play or what she'd do, but Carol Burnett." (My muttered response being "Does it matter?" 'Cause, Carol Burnett!) Somebody hollered out "Urgo's wife!" to Amanda's giggly approval. She went on to bounce about how CB and Tracey Ullman are in Vancouver now shooting Once Upon A Mattress. (Which I didn't even know was being filmed again, which caused me to also bounce -- literally, as I was standing up in the question line and it seemed like the thing to do -- before remembering that my attire exposed much cleavage and was generally not designed for jumping up and down.) The craft services guy for SG-1 is also working their set, and Amanda gleefully declared that she was going to be his new assistant and go hang out there. Don't remember exactly what she said, but it was pure Squeeing Fangirl. :-D

What was the book Pierre handed her in the Conan segment? A comic he had drawn -- Amanda described it as a "coloring book/comic book about New York City." She went on to say it was really well-done, he's a very talented graphic designer, and "he's just so cute." Which really is the only word for him.

"How does it feel to have a thousand people sing Happy Birthday to you? You're about to find out." *g* Answer: "This should tell you. I'm the color of my shirt!" Bright coral pink, for the record, and she really was.

A young man Amanda addressed as Jonathan asked what her most scary scene was. (This is the second time I've seen someone with autistic behavior markers ask her a question at a con, and both times she knew the person by name and maintained eye contact throughout most of her answer instead of turning to the rest of the crowd much. Not a huge surprise -- there's autism in her family, a niece or nephew IIRC -- but still a cool aside.) She answered it a couple different ways. The first answer was torture scenes. She wasn't quite sure how to articulate why; she made a couple attempts and finally settled on "They're just hard." Explosions are scary "because I'm a klutz" -- every time they do a sequence of running with a line of explosions going off behind them, she has visions of tripping and sprawling and having the explosion go off right over her head. Crying is scary "because you're always afraid you'll get there and you won't be able to do it."

Favorite weapon: P-90. "This is a tricky one, because I really don't like guns." But she prefers that one because it's a comfortable size and shape, easy to control, and safer because the spent shells eject from the bottom and are less likely to fly off and hit someone. In what was to become a recurring theme of the day, she hates zats, "because of what they look like... I'm just never comfortable shooting a phallus at someone!"

The inevitable raising of the Black Widow topic came in the form of asking if she thinks Pete is doomed now. "Hey, why does it all have to be Carter's fault? Maybe all these guys are just clumsy! I mean, Martouf didn't HAVE to go and get the zatarc thing! Narim didn't HAVE to get his whole planet blown up! With my cat!" On the other hand, "Y'know, if she played it right, she could be loaded. 'Hey, you don't mind if I take out this policy on you, do you?'"

No directing this season, to her obvious disappointment; they're just too busy on camera. She says she hounded the producers -- "I would duck into the office and say 'We still have two directing slots open!'" -- but no luck. If there's a season 9, she'll definitely campaign anew.

I can't remember exactly what the question was, but a wish would be to have the team -- all four of them -- go back out together before everything is done. This led to some wistful musing about missing both Don and Teryl, and how weird the changed dynamic with Jack as the general is. She hastened to say he's doing a great job, and it's interesting to explore the changes, but it still feels weird.

By the same token, if there's a season 9 -- and the clarification on that was, "Well, nobody's called ME and said 'Hey, do you want to do this?'" -- she's there. "As much as I do want to play someone who doesn't wear combat boots sometimes," she feels that, even though it seems like doing one job for so long should get stale, Sam's evolution has been plenty to keep her interested and keep it fresh, and "I'd be crazy" to leave just in the name of doing something else. Oh, and speaking of so long -- early on she asked if everyone had seen season 7, then had it pointed out to her that if she meant the current season, she should have said 8. "EIGHT??? I can see it now..." (bent back, creaky little-old-lady voice:) "So, how'd you all like Season 36?" Needless to say, the place just erupted in laughter.

Her most outrageous moment on set? This was apparently a stumper. She tried and tried to come up with something, and finally said she really doesn't do anything outrageous. "I'm just always the one laughing. I'll laugh until I cry, and then they're like 'Okay, clean up Amanda. Clean-up in aisle three!" The questioner asked if maybe there was something with Teryl, and there was a brief description of "Minnie and Terline, the Southern hairdressers." She finally gave up on trying to answer, saying "You know I'll think of something later. I'll wake up in the middle of the night and go 'Oh, HEY!'"

Injury count: lots, including two concussions -- one being, of course, the famous elevator incident in "The Enemy Within" for which Jay Acovone will still be apologizing on his deathbed -- and (cue entire room wincing) a dislocated rib.

Which she didn't realize for *months*.

She "jumped a Jaffa", and hit it wrong somehow so the collar of his armor knocked her under the chin and sent her sprawling. She said the next day she was "kind of..." (shifting around sore-back-wise), and occasionally it would bother her when she twisted or something. But it wasn't until she went to get a massage and the therapist was like "what the heck is this?" that she found out what had happened. By which time, of course, her muscles had adapted to the rib's weird position, and then there was Fun With Physical Therapy.

One of the questioners (don't recall which question) was also named Amanda, and was told "That's a great question! Of course. Because you're Amanda." Followed by one of those spontaneous silly riffs ending with "Bookends! Yours for only $49.95!" And then "Great question. What was it again?"

Favorite episodes: Very hard to answer, especially with so much history now. Plus there are favorites to do (the upcoming "Gemini", and some of the early ones with great emotional stuff like "Solitudes" and "Singularity," and she did the V-8 headslap and agreed when someone called out "Grace"), and ones that she just likes. I can't for the life of me remember now which ones she named in the latter category, and I think there were others in the former as well. Bad reporter. No cookie.

How does she see Selmak and Jolinar having interacted when Jolinar was alive? She thought about that one out loud a bit ("I think of Selmak as a him, but they switch"), noting that she's pretty sure Selmak is a lot older than Jolinar was, and finally decided that it was probably a lot like Sam and Jacob, very sort of parental. (That was an interesting one for me, as the de facto Tok'ra historian for the RPG. *g* I can see it.)

Playing people-who-are-but-aren't-Sam (and her grin just got wider and wider as the questioner listed them off): It's a real challenge, because she feels like it should show that she's the same in ways other than "the obvious" (gesturing at herself to indicate physical appearance), but still be different. She elaborated on it using the current example of "RepliCarter" (cracking everyone up with the nickname). There was much tapdancing around spoilers, but she did mention that RepliCarter has Sam's memories and knowledge (I hadn't thought of that, but in hindsight it should have been obvious), but "she doesn't have her heart or her soul." So it's about trying to navigate that. As for having to talk to herself (part of the original question), she'll approach it several different ways, first learning their lines separately, then running the dialogue as each with someone else reading in the other (hubby Alan got pressed into service recently.) "Then I do the schizo thing," which she proceeded to demonstrate, jumping back and forth to talk to herself, before adding that her husband then thinks she's nuts.

One questioner suggested, if there was a season 9, the team should be filled out with Claudia Black. This got a good-sized cheer, and Amanda declared her very cool. She didn't get to work with her on screen, but they did talk while Claudia was there.

I happened to be next in line when time ran out and Guy In Charge gave Amanda the "cut" sign, at which she led the audience in a rousing "Awwwwwwwww..." and then asked for just one more question. "Because she's dressed! Like Carter in Emancipation. I hated that outfit. But you look good in it." Which necessitated droppoing a curtsey (don't ask me -- brainfried, remember?) before asking my question (which generated the answer I saw some online friends discussing before I even *started* writing this report -- I got scooped on my own question! *g*). As I told her, I was initially going to ask it just about directing, but decided to give her a bit more leeway: Has she ever been presented with a surprise she wasn't quite sure what to do with at first? After having me clarify that I meant on the show, or in work, rather than in life in general, she thought for a long moment before answering "Affinity."

While technically avoiding spoilers, she said she had gotten that script and gone "What? No! I'm not ready for this! I mean he... and she... And what about that other guy??" She went to Robert Cooper about it, because she was really having trouble with Sam's decision. There was apparently quite a discussion, and he gave her reasons that she accepted with some misgivings but still wasn't quite satisfied. She was particularly bothered by the context in which the answer was given, what was going on while it was being given, in the last scene of the ep. "I took umbrage at that." It was an interesting choice of phrase, which she came up with after several seconds' thought and repeated a couple times. "I took umbrage." Then she really had to wave goodbye and go off to do more autograph signing, and there was a short "intermission" before the Creation no-minimum-bid auction.

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Aug. 31st, 2004 08:28 pm (UTC)
Ok, you know I have to reply to this because I love Amanda, lol...

That just seems so cool! She always has interesting stuff to talk about, and every con transcript/account I've read is different. I think what I enjoyed reading about the most was her reaction to Affinity. That surprised me. I know she has enjoyed the changes Carter has undergone the last 8 years, but that was certainly one of the biggest. It's...I don't know if "nice" is the word to use here...'nice' to know that she had misgivings about it.

And if she gets to attend Gatecon next year (or any con a bit closer to Texas, lol) I'll definitely go because she is a pure joy to see in person. :)
Sep. 1st, 2004 05:07 am (UTC)
That just seems so cool! She always has interesting stuff to talk about, and every con transcript/account I've read is different.

*nods* One thing I love about fandom is that people are so good at coming up with questions that are different, and not just to be different but because it's what they really want to know.

Some guests tend to fit more or less the same "canned" stories to whatever questions they're asked, while others really think about and answer that particular question. Amanda is definitely firmly in the latter category.

I don't know if "nice" is the word to use here...'nice' to know that she had misgivings about it.

That's kinda where I'm at with it. :-) I don't want to say "nice" about something that made her uncomfortable. And I'm not surprised it did, so much as I was very surprised that was how she chose to answer my question. She could have picked something else and stayed away from that topic.

It's very much how I feel about it at this point -- a case can be made for it, but it isn't entirely a persuasive one, so it's a very uneasy place to be.
Sep. 3rd, 2004 10:46 pm (UTC)
She could have picked something else and stayed away from that topic.

Indeed. But her answer...that just leaps off the screen that she replied with Affinity. It startles me because I was very surprised when I read that spoiler not so long ago (yes, pissed the hell out of me for finding out before it aired) and everything about the proposal didn't feel right in the ep. I didn't like Affinity. Not because of the Sam/Pete thing - I've come to accept it even if I don't particularly like it - but because they chose to bring an engagement up now and Sam took two weeks to decide! The way they handled that... I don't think it was right. I'm sorry, I'm rambling on here, lol... I think I'll shut up now. :)
Sep. 5th, 2004 07:29 am (UTC)
Indeed. But her answer...that just leaps off the screen that she replied with Affinity.

Exactly. I do love that she feels she can point out something like that where she really disagreed with a PTB choice. It says a lot about what it's like to work there.
Sep. 8th, 2004 11:51 pm (UTC)
Hey there.

Thanks for this. Always nice to read about Amanda's talks when one can't actually be physically present.

hope things are good with you
best regards
Lesley (dkscully/kjaneway)
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