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Made out respectably well at the Salvation Army tonight, in search of things to dress a bunch of 1950s mobsters in. Particularly happy with the very classy suit and additional pair of pants I snagged for the largish guy playing the mid-level boss, who therefore needs a reasonable facsimile of expensive tailored wardrobe. Mildly concerned about the 6'4" guy, but hope springs eternal. I was joking that I might resort to calling my brother, but it wouldn't work in seriousness -- not a huge issue that Brian is a couple inches taller than this actor, but he's enough more solid that the fit wouldn't work.

Also made some headway on the white dress shirt checklist, and nabbed a couple good pair of shoes (need polishing, but otherwise in good shape) and one pair of suspenders. Plus a cute sundress and denim skirt for myself. ;-> All in all, a pretty decent haul.

On a tangential note, either there's a substantial Indian community in or near Villa Park, or else one woman did some MASSIVE closet-cleaning, because there were a couple dozen salwar kameez, ranging from simple daywear to a couple pretty fancy ones. I'd have been plenty tempted, but I actually have several at home, a couple QUITE snazzy, that I picked up on the cheap to augment my ready-to-wear stock, and have hauled through several cons without managing to unload them.

I really need to find a way to sell off all that stuff. I never bothered with eBay while I was still actually trying to have a business, because costume pieces very seldom go for anywhere near what they should. But after going in the hole on one disastrous con, and barely breaking even on several others (though I have to admit I had fun at most of them...being placed next to Jason Carter's autograph table at Toronto Trek last year, f'rinstance...), the option is looking more attractive. It wasn't doing me any good to have stuff listed on my own website. All that got me was people asking at least a couple times a month if I could make them something like that, but..., in spite of the boldface notices all over the place that I wasn't taking any custom orders for the foreseeable future. So I finally just took the whole damn site down. :-/ So now all this stuff is just languishing in my workroom closet in Columbus.

If Haunted Forest Couture ever revives? No. More. Ready-to-wear. :-P I have learned that lesson well.


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