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Oscar night at Villa Verone tonight! We cooked it up over dinner after last week's cabaret... gowns, little envelopes, and a program of movie-themed music. Should be a good time.

It's student film casting time again, so lots of auditions the last couple weeks. Not all student films -- there was one commercial, and today is the first theatre audition of the year, for Theatre-Hikes, where I did costumes for Shrew last summer.

No gigs out of it yet, but it's been a decent flexing of the acting muscles. Particularly the one Friday, where I started Office of Doom much too early in the morning and took a short lunch in order to leave in what should have been plenty of time to get downtown...and ended up being over an hour late anyway. Friday traffic in Chicago = EVIL PURE AND SIMPLE FROM THE EIGHTH DIMENSION. Fortunately, I got there before they left (I had left a couple messages for the casting director reporting my creeping progress along the Eisenhower), and acquitted myself respectably in a tricky emotional scene. The director seemed impressed, but you can never tell with that sort of thing. Probably the character I was most interested in out of the flurry of stuff I've been going out for.

Meanwhile, shooting on Hell the King has been pushed back a couple weeks. I'm excited to get to work on it, but since most of my scenes are outdoors... :: looks out window :: Erm, yeah. And two more weeks for character work, especially when I've had so little downtime, doesn't hurt either. I'm about to become the world's biggest TV journalism fangirl for a few weeks.

Speaking of fangirliness, I know there hasn't been much of it here lately. There are a few shows I'm keeping up on, but nothing new has moved in and set up shop in my heart to drive reams of meta and fic and squeeing. And as I mentioned to a couple folks at taraljc's party a couple weeks back, I'm kind of my own fandom for the moment. This career-building stuff takes a lot of energy!

That said, I do have to take a moment to plug the impending return of In Plain Sight on USA. I wasn't interested at first, but brainiacfive recorded it, and it ended up being by far my favorite new show last year. I've (half) joked that Mary Shannon went a long way toward filling the Vicki-Nelson-shaped hole in my TV world, and that's both a compliment and unfair to her, because she's a fantastic character in her own right, and the show is very much its own quirky animal. It's not at all what I expected, and a lot of that is down to Mary, because I do have that thing for the heroine with her own full subscription of issues, but who's driven to fix whatever wrongness crosses her path. I lovelovelove watching Mary hold down the center of a merry-go-round of messy relationships with her mom, sister, boyfriend, partner, boss, and witnesses both grateful and grating. (I would call the boyfriend, Rafael, the sole sane person in her life, except for the part where I'm not entirely sure his patience with Mary and her crazy family is all that sane. Boy should have run for the hills ages ago. Also, for those of you who are lured by Teh Pretteh of the male persuasion, he's Cristian de la Fuente, and the new season bumps him up from recurring to regular.) And Mary McCormack has some of the best nonverbal expression EVER, which you all know is also high on my priority list.

If you missed it last summer, I'm going to bet they'll marathon it sometime before the April 19 season premiere.

This was, of course, what I was getting hooked on while the rest of the world was watching Burn Notice, which I'm finally starting to check out via havocthecat's DVDs. So far we've just watched the pilot and first regular ep, and catching up is going to be a gradual thing, but yeah, lots of fun. He's like a post-millennial Equalizer with a dash of MacGyver. And yeah, I'm a sucker for that whole "I'm a world-weary badass with a massive chip on my shoulder, but dammit, now I'm INVOLVED" heart-of-okay-maybe-not-gold-but-he-does-have-one thing. Fiona hasn't grabbed me right away, but she's generally amusing, and of course Bruce Campbell is, well, Bruce Campbell.

BSG in the home stretch is...moderately less likely to make me go "Why the frak am I supposed to care about these people again?" Dollhouse is watchable enough (yes, skeeviness and all, YMMV) and clearly destined to die an ignoble death before we find out the Beeg Seekrits. No temptation to invest there.

In the offing, I'd be interested in Harper's Island even without Gina Holden (though I probably wouldn't know about it yet if not for following her blog), simply because it's a major American network (CBS) experimenting with the British model of non-open-ended series. In this case, a "Ten Little Indians"-type murder mystery told over thirteen weeks. I'd love to see it succeed and lead to more of that kind of storytelling on American TV.

My interest in Stargate Universe, meanwhile, is virtually nil. And Blood Ties is still gone, and I'm still bitter. Once BSG is done... I think the only currently-in-production SF/F show I'll be watching, once it's back, is Eureka. That's... very very strange. ETA: No, wait, there's still Heroes and Sarah Connor Chronicles. And the former has been a bit "meh," but the latter is still holding my interest, so I shouldn't have blanked on it. It's weird -- it's certainly a strong show, and as I was discussing with someone the other day, it makes the "humor in the face of catastrophe" grade in a very sly, dry sort of way, but I don't have the investment in the emotional stakes that I would expect of myself. I'm still not quite sure why. I love Sarah, and I think Lena Headey does a great job with her, but I'm not getting that gut-level OMG reaction.


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Feb. 22nd, 2009 03:37 pm (UTC)
Break a leg on the auditions and filming! ::hugs::
Feb. 22nd, 2009 03:56 pm (UTC)
Feb. 22nd, 2009 03:50 pm (UTC)
Burn Notice
FYI, Fi didn't really grab me until season two. I didn't dislike her, but I'm not sure the writers (or the actress) really knew who she was right away. She's come into her own in S2 and is rapidly becoming one of my fave kickass female characters.

I tried to like In Plain Sight. I did. I just found her family stuff so incredibly annoying that I couldn't get past it. Sigh.
Feb. 22nd, 2009 03:55 pm (UTC)
Re: Burn Notice
I was hoping that would be the case with Fi. Looking forward to it!

As for Mary's family stuff, I can understand that. At the beginning of the series I literally dreaded any scenes with Jinx and especially Brandy. I don't know that it gets any less annoying per se, but they did endear themselves to me a lot more as the series progressed.
Feb. 23rd, 2009 06:00 am (UTC)
>"I'm kind of my own fandom for the moment."

I think this is a great way of expressing it. To us, when we're the audience? We not only understand, we get multiple levels of comprehension of your investment of time, energy and emotion, as well as the nature of some of your activities.

I read an article about Project Runway the other day and thought of you, though. Perhaps by the time they're on the air again, you'll have the luxury of watching them.
Feb. 23rd, 2009 02:16 pm (UTC)
I'll definitely be watching, and hopefully find the time/energy to blog this season. It felt so weird not to last time -- there were a few eps in particular I really wanted to ramble about, but never quite got to it!
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