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Baby blues

Your weekly crossposted yammering.

Once again, one of Vicki's funniest lines got given away in the promo. I don't think Kate's spit take did, tho. It was kind of cheap, but probably a whole lot funnier than it should have been, mostly because I was going "Oh, that was so on purpose." And purposely for Kate's benefit, to judge by the volume of the announcement. Vicki, honey, don't you still owe her for the assist in "Heart of Fire"? Should you maybe not be causing her to spew coffee all over her desk?

Cute Vicki/Mike smoochies. Never a bad. 'Nuff said. All the jokes were good, and they all had the right nervous undercurrent -- they really didn't know what she was walking into.

This was...possibly not Vicki's best plan ever. I'm actually surprised Mike didn't try harder (or at all, really) to talk her out of it, but I guess the information they started out with didn't give a full indication of just how much trouble she could find herself in how fast. She's damn lucky they didn't give her anything that would loop her out right off the bat. That said, taking advantage of Marlisse's suggestibility to get her to stop drinking the Shiny Happy Shakes was smart and effective.

Nice to see her pointedly needing more light when she was snooping in Hobson's office, and run smack into Jonah in the Convenient Obscuring Mist. The latter would have been more satisfying if Henry hadn't been equally unable to see her, but I'm rationalizing that he wouldn't have actually walked into anyone. I'm still hoping to see them get back to the integrated-but-clear handling of her RP in the first couple eps. It's like they're afraid of pushing it too hard, but it is something she has to deal with on a day-to-day basis, and should be presented that way.

Some particularly great expressions from CC this week, and the "cheerful doublespeak" phone convo with Coreen was a riot.

What on earth was Coreen on about in the walk-and-talk with Henry ("I don't buy blood." -- "But it's good blood! Full of anti-oxidants!") up to Travis' house?? I love the vibe of her bubbling away about something and him semi-patiently steering the subject elsewhere, but I would love it more if it had made a lick of sense. (ETA: And I've just read TH's blog and figured out that I missed more than just exposition-with-client in the first minute. Apparently Coreen is having financial issues? Maybe she should stop dropping her entire paycheck at Siren. And like TH, I'm betting Henry would have been more willing to just float her a loan...)

OTOH, the conversation in the office was just a delight. "And then it's not long before you want to kill them." -- "So, a lot like parents and real kids." -- "Pretty much."

Coreen, honey? CALL Mike next time. But she's forgiven this time, just because the shot of her wispy little ruffle-clad self schlepping two bags full of nasty iron implements is a classic. I smell icons.

Everyone using "Swartelfen" as if it were singular was driving me batty, but made perfect sense in character. Stuff like that underscores how much they're flying on a paragraph and a prayer in some of these situations.

It was made nicely clear how much trouble Henry had whammying Travis, and how much that bugged him. How much the whole thing with the changeling kids bugs him, really -- his life is so much easier when evil is clear-cut and can be eliminated. This lurking taint in these kids that could pop up any time, or could be overcome, is just not something he likes in his world. Not that anyone does, but he was unusually discomfited by it.

Hey, Henry? 8.5 for the ceiling hiding. But River Tam is still the undisputed champ. ;-)

I was going to go on a little riff about how they're giving too much away in the promos, but then I noticed that next week's ep is titled "Norman." So, can't really complain about seeing him. I'm still annoyed with them for putting Henry chomping on Mike in the "Heart of Fire" promo, tho.



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